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Wrong gata number was written on my mother’s plot

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Question: My mother purchased a piece of plot in 1990. Wrong gata number was written on my mother’s plot. After the execution of the sale deed a later Titimba was written by saler. Seller requested to amend the gatha sankhya, but during that period 1992-1994 dakhil kharij was done. And my mother’s name in bhulekh is reflected with wrong gatha sankhya. Please guide me what to do? There is no construction on the land. It is an agricultural land and given to a villager for doing agricultural work thereon. No one claiming any right on that land.

I am living in out of Uttar Pradesh hence, it is not possible for me to correct the discrepancy. Kindly suggest any advocate in Lucknow district who can do this work. I am very grateful to you if you arrange an advocate. That land is a joint property and we want to sell it to a businessman. But due to impediment he is refusing to purchase that land. Due to unawareness of land laws and procedure for correction we are facing this problem. If possible please arrange an advocate to assist me when I come to Lucknow.

Asked from: Uttar Pradesh

You should move an application to the Tehsildar for correction of the wrong gata number in the land revenue record (Khatauni). You may apply for demarcation of land under Section 24 of the Land Revenue Code 2006. During the demarcation proceeding the Lekhpal will prepare a report about the area of land along with its gata number. 

Lekhpal shall mark the land according to the map. If the map is reflecting the correct gata number then he shall write in his report that the wrong gata number has been mentioned in khatauni. His report shall form the basis of correction in the khatauni. Thereafter, you may easily get corrections.

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Shivendra Pratap Singh

Advocate (Lucknow)

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