Wife is planning to file a false criminal case: How should I protect myself?

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow

Family Law

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Advised on 7 Jul, 2021

Question: Can I protect myself from being roped in a false criminal case? My wife is planning to file a false criminal case against me. She does not want to live with my joint family and is forcing me to transfer to another city. I am working in a PSU Bank and have a possibility to shift to another city. But my parents need my support hence, I don’t want to transfer from here. 

My in-laws are suggesting my wife to leave the joint family and go to any metro city to live a good life. They are very influential and dominate my wife to follow their suggestions. She starts quarreling on petty issues and tempts me to do any violence or criminal act. I am very worried about my future because she has an intention i.e. send me to jail. Please help!

Question from: Maharashtra

You should arrange a meeting with your in-laws for amicable settlement of dispute with your wife. Engage in that meeting some elder persons or family members from both sides. Put forth all the issues and misunderstandings and ask them to give an amicable solution. 

You must state the behaviour of your wife and her demand to settle in another city. Also unveil the undue interference of your in-laws and their dominating behaviour. Don’t hide anything in that meeting. You should not give any solution thereof. Let the members devise a peaceful solution to all these disputes. 

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Thereafter, your wife cannot file a false criminal case arising out of the current matrimonial acrimony. When she would have an opportunity to express her grievance in that meeting thereafter she would not mingle the fact so as to fabricate a false criminal case. You can pray the High Court to quash the criminal proceeding if your wife files any false criminal case. Court always appreciates the parties to do amicable settlement of their dispute.