What to do when a data entry company demands more money than agreed?

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Question: What to do when a data entry company demands more money than agreed? I belong to a small village in Haryana. I filled out a form for data entry work from home. I got a call and asked me to join on a condition of paying 6500 rs. They told me that 6500rs. will be detected from my first salary and if I will not complete the task in time I.e filling 600 forms in 6 days then too I have to pay them 6500rs. 

Because of some reasons I couldn’t complete my work. Now they send me a legal notice through email and asked for 8500rs as yesterday was Sunday and I didn’t pay them.What should I do? They are saying that they have filed a case against me. 

Asked from: Haryana

The company is demanding more money and threatening you to lodge a criminal case against you. This proves the offence of extortion. Company has no right to claim that amount which is two thousand more than the agreed compensation amount.

This demand is an act of extortion. You should lodge an FIR against the data entry company. According to the terms or agreement you have to pay six thousand five hundred rupees when you failed to complete the work in the stipulated period. 


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