Threatening woman on revealing the truth to family 

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Question: A man is threatening a woman on revealing the truth to her family. I’m a husband. I’m writing this for my wife. She had an affair with a person and she also helped him with money in his difficult time without informing me. Few days back she apologised and agreed to her mistakes. Even though I have forgiven all her mistakes, I still love her so much. Problem started when she asked her ex-boyfriend to return money which was given before. Ex-boyfriend started threatening her saying he will reveal all the things with family and friend circle. 

We are not even sure whether he is having any proof pic msg or videos with him to ruin my wife’s privacy. So we are afraid of what to do if he tells or reveals anything with my/her parents. Since they are orthodox family. We would like to know what are all the legal possibilities. We have to  stop any threat from him and this matter  shouldn’t reach any other person in our family. Please advise 

Asked from: Karnataka

You should personally talk to him and demand the refund of money. In that conversation you should tell him that you are ready to take all possible legal actions despite the fact that he has some materials which may defame the reputation of your wife. You should also tell him that you have full faith in your wife. 

Even then he threatens you then you should immediately lodge a first information report (FIR) for the offence of cheating and extortion. He has no intention to return the money which he borrowed from your wife. At the onset he had no intention to return the money hence, he has deceived your wife. Thereby he has committed the offence of cheating

So far as threats are concerned, he has the intention to cause wrongful loss to your wife by putting her in fear of injury. He wants that your wife shall refrain from demanding the money which she has given to him. Therefore, he is threatening your wife to reveal something which may cause harm to her reputation.


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