Section 1Short title, extent and commencement.
Section 2Definitions
Section 3Prior registration of real estate project with Real Estate Regulatory Authority
Section 4Application for registration of real estate projects
Section 5Grant of registration
Section 6Extension of registration
Section 7Revocation of registration
Section 8Obligation of Authority consequent upon lapse of or on revocation of registration
Section 9Registration of real estate agents
Section 10Functions of real estate agents
Section 11Functions and duties of promoter
Section 12Obligations of promoter regarding veracity of the advertisement or prospectus
Section 13No deposit or advance to be taken by promoter without first entering into agreement for sale
Section 14Adherence to sanctioned plans and project specifications by the promoter
Section 15Obligations of promoter in case of transfer of a real estate project to a third party
Section 16Obligations of promoter regarding insurance of real estate project
Section 17Transfer of title
Section 18Return of amount and compensation
Section 19Rights and duties of allottees
Section 20Establishment and incorporation of Real Estate Regulatory Authority
Section 21Composition of Authority
Section 22Qualifications of Chairperson and Members of Authority
Section 23Term of office of Chairperson and Members
Section 24Salary and allowances payable to Chairperson and Members
Section 25Administrative powers of Chairperson
Section 26Removal of Chairperson and Members from office in certain circumstances
Section 27Restrictions on Chairperson or Members on employment after cessation of office
Section 28Officers and other employees of Authority
Section 29Meetings of Authority
Section 30Vacancies, etc., not to invalidate proceeding of Authority
Section 31Filing of complaints with the Authority or the adjudicating officer