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Tenant wants landlord’s details for drug license

Question: I am planning to rent my property to a pharmaceutical business tenant who wishes to apply for a drug license. They are requesting my signature, photograph, and other details for the application. Could I potentially face any legal issues in the future by providing the requested information?


If your tenant is requesting these details to confirm their place of residence, you will face no issues in the future. A license can be issued using the local address of the licensee. Before providing these details, it is essential to prepare a rental agreement and undergo police verification. The rental agreement and police verification form are mandatory as they serve as proof that the individual is your tenant and that the premises are temporary.

Additionally, you may obtain an undertaking from your tenant, stating that they will be solely responsible for any issues related to the premises. This step provides extra protection against potential future litigation concerning the address or premises of the licensee.

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow