Santosh Mishra

Santosh Mishra


As a lawyer, I possess versatile expertise in various domains of law, including criminal, civil, matrimonial, service, and labor law. Over the years, I have successfully represented clients in various courts and tribunals such as the High Court, District Court, Service Tribunal, and Family Court. My legal practice has involved handling complex cases involving divorce, maintenance, child custody, bail, trial, pre-trial proceedings, civil suits, and service-related issues like suspension, censure entry, termination, and pay discrepancies. Through diligent research, effective communication, and persuasive advocacy, I have a proven track record of delivering favorable outcomes for my clients.
Practicing Since: 2017
Enrollment number: 11343
Practicing in: High court Lucknow Bench
Practicing Area: Civil | Criminal | Writ

Chamber Address

570/S-185 Fauji colony
Azad Nagar, Alambagh
City: Lucknow
State: Uttar Pradesh
Pin Code: 226005

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