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Role of district protection officer in domestic violence cases in India

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow


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Published on: 29 Mar, 2023

Domestic violence is a rampant issue in India that often goes unreported due to societal stigmas and fear of retaliation. The government has taken several steps to address this issue and protect the victims. One of the most important steps taken by the government is the appointment of District Protection Officers (DPOs) in each district across the country. In this blog, we will discuss the role of DPOs in domestic violence cases in India.

District Protection Officer (DPO) is an important position established under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), 2005. The primary role of a DPO is to provide legal and support services to women who are victims of domestic violence. The DPO is responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the PWDVA in their respective districts.

The duties of the DPO include:

  1. Registering complaints of domestic violence: The DPO is responsible for registering complaints of domestic violence and ensuring that the victim receives adequate protection.
  2. Providing legal aid: The DPO provides legal aid to the victims of domestic violence by assisting them in filing complaints, obtaining protection orders, and representing them in court.
  3. Providing counseling: The DPO provides counseling services to the victims of domestic violence to help them deal with the trauma and emotional distress caused by the abuse.
  4. Ensuring compliance with court orders: The DPO ensures that the abuser complies with the protection orders issued by the court.
  5. Coordination with other agencies: The DPO coordinates with other agencies such as the police, hospitals, and NGOs to provide comprehensive support services to the victim.

Despite the efforts of the government to combat domestic violence and the appointment of DPOs, there are still several challenges that need to be addressed. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of awareness about the PWDVA among the general public. Many victims of domestic violence are not aware of their rights and the legal remedies available to them.

Another challenge is the shortage of trained personnel to handle domestic violence cases. Many DPOs lack the necessary training and expertise to handle complex cases of domestic violence, resulting in delayed justice for the victim.

Furthermore, there is a need to ensure that the DPOs have adequate resources to perform their duties effectively. Many DPOs do not have sufficient staff or infrastructure, which hampers their ability to provide timely and effective support services to the victim.

In conclusion, the role of the DPO in domestic violence cases is crucial in providing legal and support services to victims of domestic violence. However, there is a need to address the challenges faced by the DPOs to ensure that they can perform their duties effectively. This includes increasing awareness about the PWDVA among the general public, providing adequate training and resources to the DPOs, and strengthening the coordination between various agencies to ensure comprehensive support services to the victim.


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