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Reissuance of Passport in India: A Step-by-Step SEO-Friendly Guide

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow


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Published on: 1 Aug, 2023

Why Reissuance of Passport is Essential?

  1. Validity Expiry: Most Indian passports have a validity of 10 years for adults.
  2. Loss or Damage: Accidental loss or damage makes it mandatory to apply for a reissued passport.
  3. Exhausted Pages: Frequent travelers might run out of pages.
  4. Personal Details Change: Changes like a new surname after marriage.

Step-by-Step Process for Reissuance of Passport in India:

  1. Online Registration:
    • Go to the official Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) website.
    • Register and log in.
    • Select the ‘Re-issue of Passport’ option and fill in the required details.
  2. Fee Payment:
    • Once the form is submitted, navigate to the payment section.
    • Decide between regular or tatkaal, as fees differ.
    • Modes: Credit/Debit card, Internet banking, or SBI Bank challan.
  3. Appointment Booking:
    • Post payment, you’ll be prompted to book an appointment at your nearest PSK or Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK).
    • Choose a convenient date and time.
  4. Document Verification:
    • Visit the PSK/POPSK on the scheduled day.
    • Carry original documents and their photocopies.
    • After verification, your photo and biometrics will be captured.
  5. Police Verification:
    • With reissuance, often there’s no need for police verification if it was done previously.
    • However, in some cases, especially when there’s a change of address, police verification might be needed.
  6. Receipt of Passport:
    • Upon successful verification, your passport will be dispatched to your provided address.
    • You can track its status on the PSK website.

Documents Needed for Reissuance:

  • Existing Passport (if not lost)
  • Proof of current address (if changed)
  • Any other documents required based on the reason for reissuance.


The reissuance of a passport in India is a hassle-free process, especially when you’re armed with the right information. This guide aims to simplify the procedure for everyone looking to renew or reissue their passport. Always remember to keep an eye on the expiration date and start your renewal process well in advance.

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