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Can I gift self purchase property to only one son

Question: My name is XXX from Bangalore. I have six sons and four daughters. All are married and settled in different parts of India. My youngest son takes care of us and he is very nice among all of them. Can I gift self purchase property to only one son by excluding others. Whether all remaining...

How to safeguard the land rights of the legal heirs?

Question: We are the legal heirs of the (late) land owners. Our housing society is registered and it is not ready to give us conveyance deed. Is it possible for the legal heirs of the (late) land owners to demand compensation? I want compensation in lieu of my share of land in society. In case...

Residential building in industrial land

Question: We have around 20 houses built in Industrial Alienated Land, and only 3 industries are running around our area. Now one of the industry people is building a new building where he was doing business by demolishing the old building. As we residents are disturbed by the industry we have...

Correction in sale deed: How to rectify errors?

Question: The particulars of land are wrongly mentioned in the sale deed. Therefore, I want correction in the sale deed to rectify errors as soon as possible. What is the procedure for amendment in sale deed and how much expense will incur in modification? I think rectification of sale deed...

Father sold property in the influence: what should I do?

Question: My father has sold property in the influence of my mother. He sold the property to his mother in law. Thereafter, his mother in law has sold the entire property to her son. This is an intentional transfer for keeping me away from the property. I'm the only son and will inherit all...

Possession without occupancy certificate

Occupancy certificate or completion certificate is an important document because it proves that the flat is fit for occupancy or living. It also proves that the builder has constructed the builder as per the permission granted by the competent authority. If a flat buyer takes possession in absence of occupancy certificate it may cause harm to his property rights.

Builder giving possession in another apartment

Builder cannot give possession in another apartment because it is a breach of agreement to sell. When the builder has signed an agreement to construct a particular flat for the buyer, later on he cannot unanimously decide to give possession in another apartment. The buyer has to decide whether he wants possession or claim refund of money from the builder.

Society has embezzled corpus fund

Corpus fund is constituted by the small contribution of the flat owners. This fund is necessary for maintenance of the property. The society’s bye laws explicitly makes provisions for expenses out of the corpus fund of society. If the former officer bearer of society has embezzled the corpus fund they have committed an offence.