It is not mandatory for the accused to be arrested automatically upon the lodging of an FIR

Whether it is mandatory that the accused may be arrested after lodging an FIR? I am accused in a criminal case punishable under section 323, 504 IPC. When the offence was committed I was in Mumbai where I’m working in a company. The investigating officer is pressuring my family to call me and produce before the court otherwise an arrest warrant will be issued against me. My parents are afraid and they have bribed him to protect me from possible arrest. Now he is not disturbing me. What is the possibility of arrest in that offence?

Quashing of cheque bounce case if director was resigned much before issuance of cheque

I was a director in the company to which some dispute arose. Then I resigned from the directorship and started a new company. After five years a criminal case has been initiated against me under Section 138 of the NI Act. I was astonished to see that the date mentioned on the cheque is just four months before. How does it possible that I have committed an offence when there is no relation between me and that company? Sir, please help me to settle this criminal case?

My friend harassed me and I felt uncomfortable due to illegal acts

He was my friend. I went to the market with him. After the market, He asked me to drop home. I also said fine. But, Then, When he was going back home. He first hugged me. Until then, It was okay, But, Then he kissed me on my forehead, I got uncomfortable and then he tried to kiss me on the lips. He unfortunately kissed me. For that instance I was not in my senses about what had just happened. Then, I slapped him and tried to push him. But! He kissed me again. I shouldn’t let him inside my house. But, Now I’m feeling very dirty. I am thinking of taking legal action against him. What should I do?

Whatsapp chat can be used as evidence to prove that boyfriend made promise to marriage

My boyfriend does not refuse to marry. He said that he never promised to marry. But I have whatsapp chat and video recordings. We are good friends and he has promised me to marry thereafter, I agreed for a sexual relationship. I was just 15 years old when I first established a sexual relationship with him. He taught me how to do sex and upon his instigation I used to sex with him. He is my relative and stayed in my house for study. My father died in 1987 so my mother got service in the ETU department of Kerala government. In absence of my mother he instigated me to be nude and have sex. We always remained nude the whole day and had sex for three-four times a day. He has sexually exploited me and always played with my emotions. Due to such a ugly association I have very big breasts and look more mature than other girls of my age. Now he has settled in Dubai and is avoiding contact with me. I told my mother but she refused to help me. She is living with her XXX uncle and happy with that illegal relationship. Hence, I have no support to get married with XXXX.

How to tackle imminent danger posed by stray dogs

I am living in Thane City. In my housing complex, there are stray dogs around 10-12. two of the stray dogs are always biting people out of sudden without any warning. They also charge people who are jogging, delivery guys and kids playing. What we can do to remove the only dogs which are biting people. 6 incidents have been recorded in the last two months for the same dog biting people. What we can do to take dogs away from the society complex. A number of people do not want that dog to be in our complex because it bites their kids. Dog feeding complexes have dedicated places to feed stray dogs yet people are feeding them at the entrance of society buildings or other areas where kids play. Can we charge them for not feeding dogs at assigned places? We are not against feeding but people should obey rules to feed the dog at dedicated places assigned for this task. if we stop them then they are blaming us as if we are opposing them from feeding.

Husband is not appearing in the court despite service of summons

I am a female, got married in Jan 2022, my husband and in-laws concealed his first marriage as I found an affidavit in his suitcase on the same. I have filed DP,DV, and 125 crpc against them and Chargesheet has been filed already. My in-laws got bail but my husband is neither applying for bail nor appearing in the court. Is he doing that to keep extending dates and not face trials? Husband refused to take summons twice and the court is again sending summons to him instead of BW. Upto how many times he can deny to take summons? What’s the benefit for him if keep refusing summons and not appearing in court? I have strong evidence of his first marriage, abuses, and violence he did on me and my parents.