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Online consult top lawyer Shivendra Pratap Singh

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Shivendra Pratap Singh (Advocate)
Block- B
Advocate’s Chamber
High Court, Lucknow Bench
Lucknow (U.P.)

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Online consult top lawyer

Legal advice online provide a chance to consult lawyers online and get legal advice in very convenient way. Legal services includes ask question, talk to lawyers, discuss your case, get analysis of case and thorough legal guidance across the legal proceeding. Online legal advice in criminal law, civil law, matrimonial disputes, property law, constitution of India, writ jurisdiction of High Court and Supreme Court. Talk to lawyer on phone and get prompt and accurate legal advice. 

Civil law is the most important branch of law relates all the civil rights of person. Criminal law is the criminal prosecution from the state and punish the culprit for the offence he committed against the society. However constitutional law has broad impact on the civil rights of citizen but it is available against the state only. You can ask question from advocate and get advice online. 

Common questions in civil law

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