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My sister in law hates my love affair

Question: My sister in law hates my love affair because she doesn’t like me. She is creating hurdles in my marriage.  Her brother wants to marry me because we love each other. This is a love marriage. Parents of my sister in law have died. She is taking care of her brother. Hence, she is very dominating and creating problems in our marriage. She makes false allegations of domestic violence. 

Her brother also does not like her due to her dominating behavior. My brother is giving her all comfort and freedom to live in a matrimonial home. We did not take any dowry in her marriage. My brother is a government servant. He is in favour of my marriage but due to pressure from my sister in law he is not coming forward. Please guide me. 

Question from: Madhya Pradesh

You should try an amicable settlement of this issue. There is no legal hurdle in your marriage because you both are an adult and sound person. You can solemnise marriage without the consent of your sister in law. Your brother agrees to this marriage hence, he will support you. Don’t culminate a simple matter in a very complex legal issue.

You should talk with your brother to convince his wife for your marriage. This is an extrajudicial matter hence, you should find its solution beyond the court. Don’t indulge in unnecessary legal matters because it will create enmity in your personal relations. Still you are telling that your sister in law hates my love affair. Whereas you should try to convince her for marriage.

Nowadays it has become a tradition to file lawsuits on trivial matters. Your matter is very trivial and does not require intervention of court. It would be better to find a solution in your family instead of in court. The lawsuits will further make your case very complex.

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