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My mother-in-law is harassing me for getting my salary

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow

Question asked on: 22 Jul, 2021

Question: My mother-in-law is harassing me for getting my salary. She is a very cruel lady and very greedy. I am working as a bank manager in ICICI Bank and my husband is a software engineer. My husband is lower than my salary therefore my mother in law is demanding from me  to give myself to her.  She is the dominating person in our family and my husband does not want to listen to a single word against her. I have three children so I cannot give myself to her. 

My husband does not contribute a single penny for the education and care of my children. I bear the whole expenses of my children’s education and basic needs. My mother in law does not allow me to go to my parent’s home. She instigates my husband to crack down on my ego. My mother in law commits domestic violence against me for my salary. She does not give me food if  I do not follow her direction. I need legal protection because my life is unsafe in my matrimonial home.

Question from: Haryana 

You are a victim of domestic violence therefore you should invoke the provisions of protection of women from domestic violence act against your mother in law and husband. Protection order and residence order would be the appropriate remedy in your case. You are a working Lady therefore you cannot claim monetary relief from your husband.

You should file an application under Section 12 of the protection of women from domestic violence act 2005. File that complaint for the protection and residence order. Protection order is a prohibitory order and the magistrate will prohibit your mother-in-law and husband from committing any kind of violence against you. The court may impose some restrictions such as 

  • Do not interfere in the daily life of the aggrieved person. 
  • Refrain himself from committing or attempting to commit any act of domestic violence. 
  • Don’t alienate any assets either movable or immovable. 
  • Don’t commit any specific act mentioned in the protection order.

If you are not able to file such a complaint under section 12 then you can avail the assistance of a protection officer. The protection officer will file a complaint on your behalf. She will also prepare a report towards domestic violence you are facing in the matrimonial home. The government has appointed a protection officer in each district. You can contact the officer in charge of the Mahila Thana and get the assistance of the protection officer.