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My Husband is a psycho, pretends to be normal

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Question: My Husband is a psycho, pretends to be normal and torches me since my marriage time till now, waiting for change. My father passed away due to his psychic behaviour and abnormal condition and performing paranormal things at home. It gets me scared at home alone and not giving proper food timely and some of we’re with my son. 

Kindly help me with advice to take a step forward. How to resolve the issue, by facing my husband’s sister’s family and my husband. My sister-in-law and his husband need to be in custody due to Asking more Dowry again and again, not full-filling my needs.

Asked from: Uttar Pradesh

Your husband is a psycho however, he is pretending to be normal. He is continuously torturing you for demand of dowry and other issues. Therefore, you should file a case against him under Section 498A/504/506/509 Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

You can also file a complaint under Section 12 of the Domestic Violence Act for the protection, accommodation and monetary relief. If you cannot file that complaint, you can approach the mahila thana of your district. The officer in charge of Mahila Thana will provide you the services of a protection officer. 

Protection officer will record your statement and collect evidence from you. Thereafter, he will lodge a complaint on your behalf. He’ll also send his report to the concerned judicial magistrate for further action. 

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