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My girlfriend broke up with me under her parent’s pressure after 8 years of relationship

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Question: My girlfriend broke up with me under her parent’s pressure after 8 years of relationship. Post breakup we both moved on with our new relations. Unfortunately mine didn’t work out as the fiancee was after my salary. Somehow my past gf got to know about this and she broke her relation and asked me to accept her. Since her parents were still not convinced we decided to get married via a Special marriage act.

She submitted the file with me but after 30 days of required notice she again got under her parent’s influence and left me without any information. She is not picking my calls, not responding to my messages without any reason for not coming for marriage. Can I file a case of mental harassment against her?

Asked from: Haryana

She has not committed any offence because she is free to take decisions about her marriage. When you moved an application for marriage under the provisions of the Special Marriage Act, you both agreed for marriage. 

If she has changed her mind however, under the influence of her parents, you cannot compel her for marriage. She did not abuse her position because of the false promise of marriage or deception on her part. In absence of dishonest intention you cannot initiate any legal proceedings either for cheating or harassment. 

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Shivendra Pratap Singh

Advocate (Lucknow)

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