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My brother-in-law’s wife is frequently threatening my mothers in-law: What should I do?

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Question: My brother-in-law’s wife is frequently threatening my mothers in-law that she would make a complaint to the police that she (my mother in law ) is harassing her (my brother in law’s wife) and threaten to put her behind the bar. My mother in law’s age is 72, and my father in law is 89 years. They are both feeling threatened. I am the son-in-law. My in law stays at Asansol in west Bengal, I am staying at Noida. What to do in such a situation? Should we make a complaint to the local police? My brother in law is protesting against his wife but is not able to do anything.

Asked from: West Bengal

In this situation you should send a complaint in writing to the police commissioner for taking appropriate action against your daughter in law. Explain the act of threatening in detail. Don’t make superficial allegations. 

If possible, state the act of threatening with date and place. Also mentioned in whose presence that allegations were made. 

If she files any false case against you then your complaint will protect you against arrest or other coercive action of police. You can seek a stay of arrest or anticipatory bail from the court. 

If the court finds that the accused has already stated the act of threatening to the concerned police officer, the court will provide protection to you and your wife till the completion of the investigation. The police shall not arrest you during the investigation. 

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Shivendra Pratap Singh

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