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My boyfriend is torturing and sexually harassed me

Shivendra Pratap Singh

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Question: My boyfriend is torturing and sexually harassed me for five years. He thinks that his company has fired him because of me. However, he is working in another company on the same job status but he used to create problems in my job. Every time he proved me guilty. I was in mental pain for the last 5 months and I got to know that he is working without getting fired from job. Can i file a complaint against my boyfriend for mental harassment and sexual orientation?

Asked from: Gujarat

In the present facts you cannot take legal action against your boyfriend. You have no evidence to prove sexual harassment. For the filing of FIR you must have evidence to prove that he has committed a cognisable offence. Current facts of your case don’t suggest that he has committed any offence. 

You both have attained the age of majority. The sexual or bodily relationship has been established by the mutual consent. There is no evidence that your boyfriend has committed sexual harassment by force, cheating or playing deception. Hence, you cannot initiate legal action against him for rape or sexual harassment. You have no evidence to prove that your boyfriend is torturing and harassed you sexually.

shivendra pratap singh advocate

Shivendra Pratap Singh

Advocate (Lucknow)

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