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My boyfriend has relations with more girls than one

Question: My boyfriend cheated on me. We were in a relationship but on other side he was in one more relationship. Now I am mentally and physically exhausted. I tried calling him multiple times but he blocked me also.


You cannot compel your boyfriend to end relations with other girls because, at this stage of friendship, you should be more cautious rather than have blind faith in such a dubious man. Your boyfriend has not given you a false promise of marriage and established bodily relations with you. He has not committed cheating to get any favour from your side.

If you still want his company, then you cannot direct your boyfriend to restrict his relations with other girls. In a healthy relationship, both partners should communicate openly and establish boundaries together. It’s essential to have a conversation about what each of you is comfortable with and find a compromise that respects both individuals’ feelings and needs.

Trust, respect, and mutual understanding are key elements in maintaining a successful and harmonious relationship. If you still have trust in him, you can keep your relationship; otherwise, you should make a wise decision and end this. You should look forward and don’t indulge in sentimental matters.

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow