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My boyfriend harassing me

Shivendra Pratap Singh


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Me and my boyfriend are in relationship from 3 years. He always doubts me and every day he will come up with plan to harass me. Threats me and compel me for having relationship with other boys. He gives me warning that he will call to my office members and family. My boyfriend harassing me to establish sexual relation with his friends. Actually he is a very bad boy and wants to make money from pornographic sites. Therefore, he used to instigate me for having sexual relation. He might wanted to make videos of sexual acts and upload on the porn sites.

Can I file case against him for threating and harassment. He used to say that he’ll publish my photos on internet. I’m very afraid because he has a video of mine in which I had sex with him. I don’t want any money from him. I want break up from him. And want a apology from him for insulting me all these days. My parents are planning my marriage.

Question from: Kerala

Your boyfriend has committed crime. He threatens to publish intimates photos and blackmailing to establish bodily relations with his friends. All these acts constitute different offences punishable under the Indian Penal Code and Information & Technology Act. Therefore, you can file an FIR against him under Section 354-A/354-C/509 of IPC and Section 67 of the IT Act.

What action should I take if boyfriend harassing me?

You should file FIR against him under above mentioned sections. Sexual intercourse with the consent of parties is no offence. That consent does not allow him to capture videos of sexual intercourse. This is an offence under section 354-C IPC. If he publishes your intimate photos or vides he commits offence under Section 67 of IT Act 2008. If he threats to circulate those images on internet then you should not wait for such publication. Threatening is also an offence under section 509 IPC.

Harassment either mental or physical constitutes an offence if accused has criminal intention. Criminal intention is a particular state of mind of accused which shows that he has the intention to commit a crime. He has been harassing you, compelling to have sex with his friends, threatening to publish photos on public domain. These acts prove that he will do a criminal act if not stopped. Therefore, you should take legal action against him as soon as possible. Don’t wait for commission of act. Attempt to do a crime is also an offence.

Collect evidence towards his conduct

His acts are showing that he is a person of immoral turpitude. Probably he has committed same acts with some other women. Therefore, you should collect some information towards his previous conduct. You can gather these information from his friends or social media sources. If you get any information regarding his antecedents then your case will become more strong.

These kind of persons commit offence in a very set pattern. If you follow his previous contacts or friends then you’ll get some evidence of threatening and sexual abuses. That will help to establish your case more strongly.

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