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Family law: advice in matrimonial dispute cases, marriage, maintenance, divorce, mutual consent divorce etc. Consult a family lawyer over the phone. Get legal advice on family law in India. Hire advocate for handling matrimonial cases in the High Court and Family Court of India.

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Legal advice in Family Law

Married woman affair with an unmarried boy

Question: I am married and not divorced yet,  I have an affair with an unmarried boy who made false promises of marriage and made physical relationship with me and now he denied to marry me. What should I do now  Asked from: Gujarat You are a married woman...

Wife want luxurious life hence not living with husband

Question: Wife want luxurious life hence not living with husband. I filed restitution of conjugal rights case under section 9 (RCR) & my wife filed maintenance crpc 125. My life refused to live with me without any sufficient reason and she wants a luxurious life. ...

Wife living separate after ten days of marriage

Question: Wife living separate after ten days of marriage. She went to her mother's house but now after 3 months also she is not ready to come back to my brother's house. She is working in Gurgaon now or what we can do. She is also not ready to sign any papers.  Asked...

Marital responsibilities of a married women

In India, under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, there are certain marital responsibilities that are expected of a married woman. These include: Fidelity: A married woman is expected to be faithful and loyal to her husband, and to refrain from engaging in extramarital...

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On a scale of 0-10, I would rate the consultancy provided at 10. Mr. Shivendra was extremely patient in all the discussions and proactively sought all the details to provide appropriate guidance. Further, his advice were crisp and to the point which helped me identify clear path of action. His guidance mellowed down my anxiety and reinstated my confidence on fair trial and judiciary system. I would definitely recommend him and kanoonirai in my friend circle.
Vikas Kumar

Gurugram, Haryana

I would like to thank you Shivendra Pratap Singh sir, for providing simple straight forward advice and I will definitely work as per your legal advice online, it makes sure that things turn into my favour. I think everyone must have broad-minded thinking rather narrow-minded thinking to solve most of the problems in life. I contact advocate Shivendra and he solved my problem. Thank you for taking some time to guide which helped me to gain some sense how to work on the problem. Your advice was precious for me.

Anand Prakash

Patna, Bihar