Can I force a person to marry after his refusal

I met someone through a matrimony group’s marriage advertisement, and for three months, he has been in touch with me through phone calls and messages. We were dating, had a meeting, and shared a room, during which he expressed his intention to marry me. However, I recently discovered that he has been in a relationship with another woman for the past four years. He claims that this is the reason he cannot marry me. How can I legally compel him to marry me?

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I lied to my boyfriend about my divorce now he refuses to marry

In 2017, I separated from an abusive marriage. After some time, I started dating someone. In 2021, I got divorced, but I didn’t disclose this to him because I was concerned that he might judge me. Now he is refusing to marry. We have been in a sexual relationship for three years. He is 23 years old and my age is 38. I love him because his sexual orientation meets my desire. How to initiate a legal process to compel him for marriage?

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I don’t want to live with an untrustworthy wife: What should I do?

I don’t want to live with an untrustworthy wife: What should I do? She told lies and got married to me. My wife is totally untrusted lady. After my marriage with that girl. I got to know that whatever she had said to me before marriage was false. So on which ground I have to go to court for divorce? I don’t want to continue my life with an untrusted wife.

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My girlfriend broke up with me under her parent’s pressure after 8 years of relationship

My girlfriend broke up with me under her parent’s pressure after 8 years of relationship. Post breakup we both moved on with our new relations. Unfortunately mine didn’t work out as the fiancee was after my salary. Somehow my past gf got to know about this and she broke her relation and asked me to accept her. Since her parents were still not convinced we decided to get married via a Special marriage act.

She submitted the file with me but after 30 days of required notice she again got under her parent’s influence and left me without any information. She is not picking my calls, not responding to my messages without any reason for not coming for marriage. Can I file a case of mental harassment against her?

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Is it possible to divorce the first wife for legalising the second marriage?

Is it possible to divorce the first wife for legalising the second marriage? I am male married in june 2008 but due to her nature I had a second marriage in may 2009. Without informing that I was married but my first wife filed a case for my second marriage in 2010. My second marriage was declared as null and void in 2013 but as I still live with my second wife and my first wife lived at my parental house.  My first wife has taken all the money and everything after my parents have died and went back to her brother’s house recently. Now I want to file a divorce case. Can I do so?

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Marriage in young age valid or invalid

Marriage in young age valid or invalid. My question is that if a family has married their children at a young age, then their marriage will be valid? If the children have grown up later then it’s gonna be valid later? Or else it won’t be valid because the marriage happens at a young age? I just want to know more in detail about that thing. I hope you are going to give your best advice or proper details. 

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My husband solemnised marriage with me by hiding his first marriage : Can I claim maintenance?

My marriage was solemnised in 2009 with my husband XXX. A male child was born in 2011. We have been living in Delhi since the birth of our child. My husband is working in a multinational company. In February 2022 he was transferred to the Bangalore office. Recently I received a legal notice from my husband to vacate his flat within seven days from receiving the notice. 

He said in the notice that I am not his wife because he had solemnised a marriage in 2004 with another woman. Since, I am not a legally wedded wife hence, he is trying to drive me out from his house. Actually he was in a love affair with that woman but concealed that fact at the time of our marriage. 

I have evidence to prove that our marriage was solemnised as per the Hindu rites and rituals. Members of both families were present at my marriage. He also sent a marriage certificate dated 12-02-2019 in which date of marriage has not been mentioned. I think that it is a forged certificate because that marriage, as he claimed, is solemnised in the USA under the special marriage act. 

Since, he has the opportunity to live with her in Bangalore therefore, he is doing so at the behest of that woman.  In this circumstance what action can I take against him? Can I claim maintenance?

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