Legal internship programme

Dear Lawyers,

Kanoonirai offers highly-motivated fresh law graduates and lawyers an opportunity to express their legal acumen and expand their own clientele. Our legal internship programme allows individuals to publish their articles, blogs and answer legal queries. Daily interaction with clients improves their legal skills and helps in building up strong clientele.

The objective of the programme is to provide freshers first-hand experiences of problem solving techniques and legal consultancy. Gradually the freshers will be able to generate a regular income and may minimise their dependency over the traditional way of legal practice.

Please note that applying or partaking in the kanoonirai legal internship programme does not constitute a promise or guarantee of employment. But you can use the readership base of kanoonirai. You can show your legal acumen by publishing your legal articles or solving the legal issues of our clients.

Kanoonirai will appreciate and promote your work on the website for the early monetisation of your legal skill. You’ll get a fixed fee from us without any brokerage or commission.

Shivendra Pratap Singh