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Katha and building plan approval from municipal corporation

By: Shivendra Pratap Singh

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I want to know whether I need plan approval from the municipal corporation. In May 2020 I purchased one property in Adarsh Nagar Arishinakunte Nelamangala. Municipal corporation took over from grama panchayath this year.

We purchased an under construction house, plan approval was in the name of the seller, at that time the seller advised us to register only the site and later when you get e khata and you will take approval on your name itself.

Question from: Karnataka

Your under construction site has already been approved by the gram panchayat. Later on this area was merged in the Municipal Corporation. After extension of territory of municipal corporation fresh approval is mandatory. Therefore, you should take plan approval from the municipal corporation also. 

The municipal corporation will levy only compounding charges. These compounding charges are very nominal.  No need to pay a fresh fee for the approval of the site plan. The municipal corporation has a master plan and zonal plan. Some additional fees are applicable in respect of site approval in conformity of master plan. Hence, the corporation will collect those fees under the compounding charges. 

Site plan in seller’s name

You have purchased an under construction house. The seller was taken site approval in the due course. Hence, there is no dispute or issue in respect of plan approval. The municipal corporation will substitute your name. 

In this situation, you should move an application for mutation of your name. The municipal corporation upon receiving the mutation application will mutate your name instead of the seller. Mutation proceeding is mandatory after the transfer of ownership. 

Approval of site plan in your name is a mere proceeding after transfer of ownership. The municipal corporation will not conduct any inquiry regarding conformity of site plan as per the prevailing master plan. Hence, you will easily get approval from the municipal corporation. 

Apply online for plan approval from municipal corporation

The state of Karnataka has an online Land and Building Plan Approval System (LBPAS). However, you have an approved site plan from gram panchayat but you need plan approval from the municipal corporation. You should apply from here.

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