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Join us today in the world of online legal advice service. Show your talent and knowledge to the world. Make new client only on the basis of your knowledge and potential.

Give advice and show your knowledge & talent

Give true and genuine advice

Base your advice on precedents and legal texts

Cite relevant case laws in support of the advice


Legal Advice

Give legal advice with relevant case laws and reference of legal provisions. Don’t give false reference and case laws.

Proof Reading

Our team of experts read your advice. When the advice fulfils our parameter thereafter it is forwarded to the client

Phone Consultation

Don’t give vague advice on a phone consultation. Take adequate time before the discussion and prepare advice


Make your own clients on the basis of your talent and knowledge. We’ll not break your connection with client

Online Legal Advice

Legal consultancy is not an easy task. Online clients are very knowledgable and seek online advice for two purposes. Firstly, for finding the second opinion and secondly, for cross-check their pending legal proceeding. Hence, take the question seriously and reply with due care. Best of luck!

Case laws is not mandatory

It is not mandatory to give case laws in every advice. Some advice does not require case laws, but most questions need case laws. Case laws are beneficial because the client can show it to his advocate or present before the court.  

Why do we take 24 hours?

We promise to advise within 24 hours because advocate takes some time to search case laws, legal provision or legal commentaries before giving advise.  

What is the process of giving advice?

When the client sends the question, we transfer it to our elite panel. The panel forwards the query to the advocates. You have to email the advice to our elite panel if the panel finds your advice helpful then it will be uploaded on the website.


The elite panel selects the well-performing advocate to give individual advice. If you perform well, then you’ll be chosen in the regular group. We offer 90% of the fee as remuneration. There is no commission, touting fee and brokerage charges.  


We send you the payment receipt on your email id. There are no hidden charges. We also send you all messages and remarks of the client.


Welcome! You may use this platform to disseminate your legal knowledge and expertise. Give the people quality and valuable legal advice. Keep patient and give quality advice. We provide you with the opportunity to grow and make your unique client list exclusively by your knowledge and talent.

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