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A person gave me a post-dated cheque but now refusing to pay it 

You cannot take any legal action against that person before the maturity of the post-dated cheque. The drawer issues the post-dated cheque for the discharge of debt or liability. When he issues the said post-dated cheque he admits that he has some financial liability. Therefore, the law will presume the existence of financial liability under Section 139 of the Negotiable Instrument Act.

Filing mutual consent divorce in Kolkata

I live abroad but now due to lockdown, I am with my husband in Kolkata. Due to a lack of compatibility, I want to get a divorce from him. We were married in Feb 2018. How can I initiate a mutual divorce and is there any online procedure? Question from: West Bengal You can file a suit for divorce...

Azaan may be an integral part of Islam but its recitation through the loudspeaker cannot be said as its integral part

The right to recite Azan though sound-amplifying devices are not protected under Article 25 since it is not an integral part of Islam. The microphone is a gift of technological age; its adverse effect is well felt all over the world. Use of loudspeakers otherwise in accordance with law affects fundamental rights of the citizens under Article 19 (1)(a) of the Constitution of India.

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