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I want to marry with my boyfriend at any cost

By: Shivendra Pratap Singh
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My relationship started two years back on the fact and promise that we will get married once he is settled. He is a 1996 born Gujarati boy and I’m 1995 born a Punjabi girl. After some time his friends started interfering in our relationship. Because of that we started fighting. I met his parents and requested them to please stop the unnecessary interference of his friends. But again Uske friends be Uske parents ko bhi manipulate kar diya n mere boyfriend ko bhi ki mujhse shadi na Kare. We are ready for marriage so we have established a physical relationship. Ab wo Nahi bol raha hai. Mujhse usse shadi Karni hai coz I love him so much. I want to marry him at any cost. So what should I do now to get married to him? 

Question from: Punjab

If your boyfriend is not ready for marriage then you cannot compel him. The sexual relationship was consensual. You had given consent to establish a bodily relationship. He did not make a false promise of marriage. Therefore, you cannot prove that after satisfaction of sexual desire he refused to marry you.  

There is some misunderstanding between you both. So you should try to remove those doubts and convince him. There is no ground for initiating a criminal case against him. Love affair is not a criminal act. You have permitted him to had sex with you. This kind of sexual intercourse constitutes no offence because you have given your consent. 

Promise to marriage does not confer any civil right

You said that your boyfriend was ready for marriage. He later on retracted due to unnecessary interference of his boyfriends. This act of your boyfriend does not give you a right to take legal recourse for marriage. If you compel him for marriage then that marriage stands voidable under section 12 of the Hindu Marriage Act. If you want to marry him, you should talk with him and try to weed out all the doubts.

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