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I want to correct the name in Khatauni

By Shivendra Pratap Singh

Sir, I want to correct the name in Khatauni. The name of my father is Nasir Ahmed Khan, but only Nasir is written in the Khatauni. Therefore my father has not been getting the benefit of government schemes. How to get a correction in the land record?

The Tehsildar receives all the application for correction in the land record like a map, khasra, khatauni etc. Section 38 of the Uttar Pradesh land revenue code 2006 provides a procedure for such change. Therefore you have to apply the tahsildar under section 38 for correction in khatauni.

In the said application you should give the details of the land and evidence regarding the mistakes. Upon receiving the request, the Tehsildar shall conduct an inquiry and prepare a report. He shall send that report to the sub-divisional officer for taking further action. 

A sub-divisional officer shall decide your case after receiving the report. If any person files an objection against the correction, then the sub-divisional officer shall short out those objections. 

When the sub-divisional officer finds that your details in the Khatauni are incorrect thereupon he will correct by passing an order. If you think that the order of the sub-divisional magistrate is not proper, you can file an appeal before the collector under section 38 of the land revenue code 2006.

For detail information about a correction in the revenue record, you can read this article.  Khatauni is an important document to prove that who has possession over the land. You should follow the procedure given in in section 38 of the Uttar Pradesh land revenue code to get a correction in the Khatauni. 

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