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I called off marriage can my girlfriend initiate legal proceedings?

Question: I was in a romantic relationship with my girlfriend, and we had informed and convinced our parents about our decision to get married. However, when my girlfriend underwent a major abdominal surgery, my parents pressured me to call off the marriage, and I ultimately chose to comply with their wishes. She is very upset and now planning to file criminal case against me. I don't understand what to do. I feared that there was sexual relationship on the pretext of marriage.


In this situation, your girlfriend may have the option to file a criminal case against you for deception, as you allegedly misled her under the pretext of marriage. If sexual intercourse occurred under the false promise of marriage, it could be argued that consent was obtained through deceit. Your engagement in sexual relations based on a false promise of marriage may be grounds for legal action.

Advocate Shivendra


High Court Lucknow