Husband left country after filing of divorce case


Question asked on: 28/08/2015

I filed for divorce in March 2015 on grounds of cruelty and dowry with my husband, also he is impotent and gay. A criminal case was also registered against him and my in laws who harassed me mentally and financially,but in May 2015 he has left the country and moved to London.I know where he works in London.There has been one hearing for our case in family court till now.He plans to take his parents along him in December 2015 to London.

They have not appeared in the first hearing and don’t intend to appear in court going forward.We are waiting for the criminal case hearing date.What are my chances of getting alimony for expenditure of marriage borne by my parents and mental and physical damages done to me ? As he and his family are running away from law and court and Police will not go and arrest him in London(UK).

Advised by: Shivendra Pratap Singh,

Perhaps you have filed petition under section 24 of HM Act claiming alimony. if your husband do not appear before court through his advocate or personally court will dispose off the matter ex-party.

If order is in your fovour and your husband do not comply the order you may pray before court for attachment of his property or his bank account or issue warrant against him to create pressure against him.

But question is how warrant will be executed as your husband residing far away in London. it will be sent to London police authority through Indian embassy.

At the same time you may pray before High court for impound of his passport and other family member as criminal case is running against them.

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