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How to remove the name of a dead person from revenue record 

Question: How to remove the name of a dead person from the revenue record? I have his will but my other brother in connivance with lekhpal has put his name by way of virasat. He bribes whereas I want my name to be put in khatauni by way of vasiyat. So kindly advise what is the procedure and the fastest mode to execute this.


If the name of a dead person has been recorded in the revenue records it amounts to forgery. It is punishable under Section 420, 467, 468 of the Indian Penal Code. You can lodge an FIR against the unknown person who has committed this offence. 

How to remove the name of a dead person in revenue record

You should move an application to the Tehsildar under Section 32 & 38 of the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Code 2006. The proceeding for correction in khatauni is a summary proceeding. If the Tehsildar satisfies that the entry in the khatauni is erroneous he shall rectify the defect by passing an order.

Lodge an FIR

In the currency circumstances you should lodge an FIR against the unknown person. The investigating officer shall unearth the name of culprits during the investigation. It is impossible that the name of a dead person shall be brought in the revenue record. Because any change in the khatauni is duly supported by the report of lekhpal. 

If the lekhpal submits a fraudulent report towards the name of the person who is in possession of the land then such a forgery can be committed. Therefore, it is inevitable to lodge a first information report. In case the police refuse to record your FIR then you should directly approach the Collector and move an application along with the evidence. You should try to initiate criminal proceedings against the culprits.

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow