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How to add title Verma in land records

Question: Sir, my name was Jeet Singh till 9th class but while filling up 10 board exam I added Verma to my as well as my father's name. Later I joined IAF and now all my documents have Verma in my and my father's name but khatauni doesn't have verma in my as well as my father's name. I want correction in my name with Verma in Khatauni. Please advise.


Submit an application to the Tehsildar requesting the correction of your name in the revenue records. Following an inquiry, the Tehsildar will prepare a report to be submitted to the SDM. Based on this report, the SDM will rectify the mistake by adding the title ‘Verma’ after your name. Similarly, follow the same procedure to initiate the correction of your father’s name in the land records.

To initiate a correction in Khatauni (record of rights) in compliance with the Uttar Pradesh Land Revenue Code, follow these general steps. Start by visiting the local revenue office, commonly known as the Tehsildar’s office, where land records, including Khatauni, are maintained. Gather all relevant supporting documents, including the existing Khatauni, survey reports, and any evidence necessary for the correction.

Be sure to make a clear explanation of the correction needed. Attach copies of all supporting documents to substantiate your request. Submit the completed application along with the supporting documents to the Tehsildar or the designated officer at the revenue office. Follow up regularly with the revenue office to monitor the status of your application, inquiring about any additional information required or the progress of the correction process.

The Tehsildar or designated officer will conduct an inquiry, verify the details, and prepare a report based on the submitted documents. This report, along with the application and supporting documents, will be submitted to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) for further action.

The SDM, based on the report, will take the necessary steps to rectify the mistake in the Khatauni, which may involve adding or correcting information such as names or titles. Once the correction is made, obtain a copy of the updated Khatauni, reflecting the accurate details.

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow