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My wife has lodged false FIR under 498A against me and my family members: how to protect them from arrest?

My wife has filed a false case against me and my family under Section 498A. She left us just two months after our marriage. My brother, who works in an MNC, is concerned that the criminal case may affect his job and prevent him from travelling abroad for work. What steps should we take to resolve this situation? How to protect them from arrest?

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Passport granting officer refused the certified copy of the order and demanding NOC from the court

I was issued a short validity passport valid for five years by a court order in 2021 due to an ongoing criminal case. However, my court case was disposed of and closed in October 2023. I possess a copy of the disposal order for my court case, and I have no pending cases against me in any court of law. I wish to renew my short validity passport to a full ten-year passport.
When I went to apply for my passport renewal, the passport granting officer asked me to bring a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the court, and my application was put on hold. I informed the granting officer that my case has been disposed of and no case is pending against me in any court. I even presented a certified copy of the disposal order, but the officer refused to accept my application. Subsequently, I went to the session court to obtain the NOC. However, the judge refused to provide the NOC, stating that the court does not issue NOCs for disposed cases. I seek your advice on whether I should approach the High Court regarding this matter.

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