Adoption is invalid if child actually not given and taken in adoption

The child has given in adoption as per astrological advice so as to save his life. A widow of a lower caste community adopted the child for the purpose of superstition that child will live long. Of course, the child actually is given and taken with an ulterior motive.

Thereafter the child lives with his biological parents because the adoptive was illusory. The child thus claiming his right in the property of the natural family. The main contention, therefore, is whether it is valid under section 11(vi) of HAM 1956. There was no intention to give the child in adoption because the child has been living with biological parents. Is the adoption valid?

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Adoption of a child

A Hindu widow is having a daughter aged 15. She remarries. Whether she can give in the adoption of her above-said daughter born through her first husband to his second husband. What are all the conditions? Please say the relevant provisions, authorities. (The parties are Hindus, in-country adoption).

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How can I adopt a son without permission of husband

I want to adopt a male child but my husband does not agree with me and he is refusing to adopt any child. I’m married in the year 1999 and due to some reason, I cannot beget a child. I used to live alone because my husband is working at a senior management post in a reputed private company. What is the legal provision regarding adoption? Can I adopt a child without the consent of my husband?

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