Family Law

Can I force a person to marry after his refusal

I met someone through a matrimony group’s marriage advertisement, and for three months, he has been in touch with me through phone calls and messages. We were dating, had a meeting, and shared a room, during which he expressed his intention to marry me. However, I recently discovered that he has been in a relationship with another woman for the past four years. He claims that this is the reason he cannot marry me. How can I legally compel him to marry me?

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Closing fixed deposit when father is not traceable

Based on negotiation prior to the divorcee decree, an account of Rs.2.5 lakhs was deposited in FD in the name of my minor daughter by her father (my ex husband) in Syndicate Bank. Now this bank is merged with Canara Bank. The interest of the deposit amount was credited to my account quarterly for her maintenance. Now she is completed 18 years. For her studies we want to close the FD and use the amount. The Canara bank says that her father has to attend for closing the FD. The divorcee was 13 years back and we do not know the whereabouts of her father. Kindly advise what we can do to get the amount. Thanks

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How can I claim enhancement in maintenance if husband got promotion and receiving higher salary

I am a divorced woman. I have been receiving 15000 maintenance for 10 years. Over the years my maintenance has remained the same. But due to inflation and price rise I am unable to sustain myself. However, my ex husband who is a professor in a university receives a good sum of money. But still he has not increased my maintenance. I have no children and am not working. How and to whom to apply to increase my maintenance?

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Revision in maintenance case has been dismissed

MC Filed on 3.8.2016 and ordered on 22.3.2023 Wife and Children each 2000 *3 = 6000 from date of application and I went for revision to sessions court which is dismissed due to not attended in corona but 91 CrPC is pending in August 2021. and they filed arrears petition in JMFC on 28.12.2021 for the period 3.8.2016 to. 3.7.2017 I replied that is a statutory Period one year limit is over now my doubts is this petition is maintainable or not then how can I take stay on this pls give your advice to me.

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When Love Turns Sour: Deception, Betrayal, and Legal Challenges in My Engagement Journey

Bride and I got engaged on 08.06.2023 and the marriage was scheduled on 07.12.2023. Bride and her family since beginning were fake and fooled us. She was going to job and all hide this from us. Since she was going to job whenever I call or message she was avoiding. I used to go every week to meet her and we travelled around for 2.5 months. There was some misunderstanding because of bride not giving time and she was also hiding most of the topics from her parents and blackmailed me not to say anything at home. She said some negative points about me to her parents and they all decided to cancel the marriage. I have spent more than 50000 in 2 months for her. We had made advances of 500000 plus outside for marriage. When asked she said phone calls and messages r the reasons for cancelling this marriage.

In presence of elders we had a meeting and requested not to cancel the marriage keeping calls and messages as topic and also showed all the receipt of advances made. Elders requested bride but she was not ready to move ahead. At last, elders told bride family to give 150000 as compensation but they after accepting did not give amt and filed a fake complaint against me and my family members for which FIR was filed 354d 504 and 506. We took bail as well.

What actions can be taken against bride and her family for giving fake complaint and I have all the evidences. Please advice.

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I lied to my boyfriend about my divorce now he refuses to marry

In 2017, I separated from an abusive marriage. After some time, I started dating someone. In 2021, I got divorced, but I didn’t disclose this to him because I was concerned that he might judge me. Now he is refusing to marry. We have been in a sexual relationship for three years. He is 23 years old and my age is 38. I love him because his sexual orientation meets my desire. How to initiate a legal process to compel him for marriage?

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My wife and her family don’t allow me to meet my daughters

My wife and her family does not allow to meet my daughters since 1 year. My elder daughter is of 3 years and younger is of 10 months but they not allow me to meet them. many times me and my family members try to take her back to house but she demand to do property on her name .since 1 year she is with her parents she did not even tell me how is my daughter’s and did not allow to talk to them on call.

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Husband denied to access my matrimonial home

I resided with my husband for a duration of five months in an apartment. The house is registered in the name of my father-in-law, yet my in-laws reside in a different state. I am the individual who invested all of my finances in the interior and household accessories for the house. This decision was made under the understanding that it is my residence, and consequently, I am accountable for its furnishings. I willingly accepted and utilized my entire salary for this purpose.

However, my husband is engaged in an extramarital affair and desires to marry his girlfriend. He is pressuring me to initiate a divorce and is also subjecting me to physical harassment. In response, I have filed for a Domestic Violence Complaint (DVC) seeking a residential order. Unfortunately, I am being denied access to my home, with the explanation that it belongs to my father-in-law. I am in need of assistance; please help me.

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Current legal status of ‘triple talaq’ in India

I work as a fashion designer, and my husband is a doctor. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, my business has been on a decline, leading to financial losses. Unfortunately, my husband has declined to provide me with financial support during this challenging time. Moreover, he pronounced ‘talaq,’ which was ‘talaq ul biddat.’

I would like to understand the current legal status of ‘triple talaq’ in India. As a woman facing financial difficulties, I am in a destitute situation and require assistance to support my family. Can Waqf provide financial aid to help me sustain my family?

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Facing a decade of mental abuse: navigating divorce, alimony, and custody battles

My cousin has been in a mentally abusive relationship with her husband for 10 years now,and has terrible in-laws who are ruining her marriage.she has 2 kids.her husband is rich,but irresponsible,immature and insensitive and mentally abusive and was physically abusive too,at times.this has damaged my cousin’s sense of well being and she has developed anxiety,hypertension,mental stress.he has kept her away from his home saying that her mother too has to take responsibility of looking after her..he doesn’t provide maintenance except for one child’s school cousin’s mother is looking after a fit of anger,due to hypertension my cousin had used bad language against her husband..this has happened time and he is blackmailing her with those messages to avail divorce and escape alimony and trying to further mentally torture her by snatching away the kids..he has never been a committed father though the kids like cousin though qualified,is a homemaker and is not working..she has little income but it won’t suffice for her and her kids as per her lifestyle.there have been some telephonic conversations too where this happened.can she claim alimony if her husband wants to divorce her based on those watsapp chats and phone conversations where she used offensive language after being provoked by him?and what about the kids? she wants peace in life and financial security for herself and kids

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