Domestic Violence

My sister in law has robbed my gold

What cases can I file on them, especially my sister in law and her husband who is the primary person and how can I go back home with protection? I’m a victim of domestic violence from my in-laws and husband, my sister in law and her husband. Now they thrown me out of house with pregnancy with a two year old baby in hand for not agreeing for abortion. And are not letting me home filing conjugal and other civil cases. 

I have a 498a with possible evidence but police are supporting them as they are highly police by joining hands with them filing false cases and my family. my sister in law has robbed my gold and I have recorded proof.

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Can I evict my wife from my rented house after filing of divorce case?

Can I evict my wife from my rented house after filing of divorce case? I want separation from my wife. I filed a Divorce case in Jan 2022. My wife filed a false DV case in FEB 2022. Now she and the 2-year male child are staying in her mother’s house. She is occupying a separate portion of my rented house. She alone comes and stays in her portion 2 to 4 days a month. In this situation, how can I evict my wife? 

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Can the wife claim residence order in the husband’s self acquired property?

A wife who has been through domestic violence, left the matrimonial house owned by her widowed mother in law. Can the wife claim residence order in the husband’s self acquired property? Her Husband has a self acquired property in the same street of matrimonial house. Can this wife get a residential order in her Husband’s self acquired property? Even though she had not lived in the self acquired property as she was living in the matrimonial house which is a shared household 

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My sister in law is torturing me : Can I take any legal action against her? 

My sister in law is torturing me on very petty issues. I used to ignore her activities because I want peace in my life. She assaulted me on my first karwa chauth when I was 6 month pregnant and she shouted a lot and asked my husband  to call my di and jijaji. She was asking because I was weeping in my room for the whole day fast. They didn’t give me anything to drink or eat..there is some pain in my stomach. 

My sister in law came to my room and shouted and cursed me. And I was crying  the whole night. In the next morning, I admitted to hospital because of miscarriage. She is very influential and my husband does not listen to a single word against her. Being victimised by such violence I have decided to take appropriate legal action against her. Please explain which action I can take against my sister in law?

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My Husband is a psycho, pretends to be normal

My Husband is a psycho, pretends to be normal and torches me since my marriage time till now, waiting for change. My father passed away due to his psychic behaviour and abnormal condition and performing paranormal things at home. It gets me scared at home alone and not giving proper food timely and some of we’re with my son. 

Kindly help me with advice to take a step forward. How to resolve the issue, by facing my husband’s sister’s family and my husband. My sister-in-law and his husband need to be in custody due to Asking more Dowry again and again, not full-filling my needs.

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Wife not lived in the matrimonial home cannot claim alternate accommodation

Is this a justice to pass an order of alternate accommodation to the wife when she has committed violence. Wife not lived in the matrimonial home can she claims alternate accommodation Marriage took place on 17.06.2014 and we spent only 16 days together out of which 09 days on honeymoon, it was alleged that we threw her out of the alleged matrimonial home as before marriage that we both parties agreed that bridegroom has promised to keep her seperate house, yes i had sent an email as marriage proposal stating that ” I forgot to add my new flat address not mentioned anywhere in writing that my owned house” It was a common family property purchased in the name of my real sister.   

She is in a continuous job under govt service earning 45000/- per month. But the Magistrate passed an order of alternate accommodation to the wife. No fact of domestic violence has been proved in her evidence /cross. All allegations are blanket no dates no specific allegations no medical evidence not annexed with any Medical reports. Despite being a postgraduate under Journalism and working with Lok Sabha tv maintaining an iphone equipped with every latest gadget she has. She has been going to her office after returning from honeymoon wholly paid by me. 

The honeymoon fact was completely hidden by her that we only asked several questions. In her DV Act petition U/s 12 she has not asked for maintenance rather ask for 50 Lakhs as domestic violence compensation along with alternate accommodation. She has mentioned in her cross examination that she had told about such domestic violence to her mother and brother but she never put them under the cross examination. 

Now today the judge has passed the judgement to pay 10000/- to pay as monthly for accommodation from the date of application i.,e 08 years ago. Along with 25000/- one time payment as mental agony caused to her by us. I was not cross examined by the complainant lawyer at all despite 09 months time passed. But the judge has mentioned that I did not tender my evidence by way of affidavit. 

Hence she is not considering it. But, point to be noted that äll documents copy of email with dowry item list have been exhibited, but the Judge has not pointed this out in her judgement order. No proof has been adduced by the complainant to substantiate her allegation of domestic violence caused to her by us. Yet, the judge has given her final relief of monthly payment of rs. 10000/- as alternate accomodation from the date of complaint.

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Stepmother can claim right to residence in uncle’s home

Stepmother can claim right to residence in uncle’s home after death of father. My father died of covid. After that my step mother is claiming the right to residence and share in my uncle’s home. Where she used to live with my father. Can she get right to residence in my uncle’s home and get order of right to residence under domestic violence act?  She lived in the seperate portion of the uncle’s house and we all had separate kitchens.

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Sister in law is forcing to vacate my house: Domestic Violence

My sister in law is forcing me to vacate my house whereas I am the owner of this house. I built this house out of a home loan. I have to move from my house since I was blessed with a baby girl for the 2nd time. My sister in law provoked and manipulated my mother in law and forced me to move from my house. We constructed that house by taking a home loan. My sister in law has been staying in my house for the past 2 years. Now I am blessed with another baby girl. We can’t afford expenses and asked for rent. She is not ready to pay rent or vacate the house. In this scenario what can I do?

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Can wife claim the right to live in a matrimonial home?

Can the wife claim right to live in a matrimonial home? My mother in law and her relatives maliciously threw me out of the matrimonial home and convinced my husband to divorce me. I somehow managed to return to the matrimonial home after 2.5 months but since then my mother in law and husband have been trying to throw me out somehow. I am unable to step out for fear that they would not let me return home. They have left me alone without giving me main door keys and living somewhere else. What protection can I get to stay in my matrimonial home? If I file dv, will I end up getting alternate accommodation or can I claim the right to live in a matrimonial home?

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My mother-in-law is harassing me for getting my salary

My mother-in-law is harassing me for getting my salary. She is a very cruel lady and very greedy. I am working as a bank manager in ICICI Bank and my husband is a software engineer. My husband is lower than my salary therefore my mother in law is demanding from me  to give myself to her.  She is the dominating person in our family and my husband does not want to listen to a single word against her. I have three children so I cannot give myself to her. 

My husband does not contribute a single penny for the education and care of my children. I bear the whole expenses of my children’s education and basic needs. My mother in law does not allow me to go to my parent’s home. She instigates my husband to crack down on my ego. My mother in law commits domestic violence against me for my salary. She does not give me food if  I do not follow her direction. I need legal protection because my life is unsafe in my matrimonial home.

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Anonymous complaint in Domestic Violence Act

Can I file an anonymous complaint in the Domestic Violence Act because my sister’s husband does not allow her to leave the home? My sister has been living under the strict surveillance of her husband. She is facing severe domestic violence and mental torture from her husband. I want to come forward to save my sister. But I also fear that when my jija ji will harass me. When came to know that I have filed the complaint then he will torture my parents. Therefore, I want to file an anonymous complaint. Please guide me.

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Alternate accommodation under the domestic violence act

My wife wants alternate accommodation under the Domestic Violence Act. She filed a complaint under section 12 of the domestic violence act and claimed residence order and protection order. There was some dispute between her and my mother. She has lived in my house only for two years, during her stay in the matrimonial home she always created chaos on petty issues. She has ruined my life, and now I want to get rid of her. Can the Magistrate direct me to provide to her an alternate accommodation?

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