Domestic Violence

Whether revision lies against order in domestic violence

My wife has filed a case under the domestic violence act for the maintenance, protection order and residential relief. Now the magistrate granted an interim order as five thousand rupees per month. My advocate filed a revision in the sessions court and sought cancellation or alteration in the order of interim maintenance. When my advocate appeared the opposite party objected that it is not maintainable. My advocate is not willing to withdraw that application. Please help.

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Husband denied to access my matrimonial home

I resided with my husband for a duration of five months in an apartment. The house is registered in the name of my father-in-law, yet my in-laws reside in a different state. I am the individual who invested all of my finances in the interior and household accessories for the house. This decision was made under the understanding that it is my residence, and consequently, I am accountable for its furnishings. I willingly accepted and utilized my entire salary for this purpose.

However, my husband is engaged in an extramarital affair and desires to marry his girlfriend. He is pressuring me to initiate a divorce and is also subjecting me to physical harassment. In response, I have filed for a Domestic Violence Complaint (DVC) seeking a residential order. Unfortunately, I am being denied access to my home, with the explanation that it belongs to my father-in-law. I am in need of assistance; please help me.

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I am facing a distressing situation where my husband is physically abusing me

I am facing a distressing situation where my husband is physically abusing me due to his anger issues and displaced anger. Unfortunately, he not only directs this aggression towards me but also towards his parents. Moreover, his parents seem to be overly protective of him and react negatively towards me whenever he says anything negative about them. We have only been married for a few months, and yet he has already hit me twice. Communication with him is difficult, as he avoids talking to me.

Adding to my distress, his parents subject me to severe verbal abuse. I am deeply concerned for my safety and well-being. In light of these circumstances, I feel the need to end this marriage to protect myself from further harm

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Husband not appearing in the proceeding under domestic violence act

My husband not appearing in the proceeding under domestic violence act thereby I am not able to receive interim remedies. I have filed a case under domestic violence for the protection order, residence order and monetary relief. The notice has already been sent to the husband through the registered post as well as via the summons of court. He has received the summon and copy of complaint on 12-05-2019 but not appearing the court. His lawyer files exemption application on each date and the court casually granting him time. I am facing financial difficulties due to not getting interim maintenance from my husband. Please help me.

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Husband not allowed to reside in matrimonial home since 1995

Husband not allowed to reside in matrimonial home since 1995 i.e. one year from the date of marriage. He said the our marriage is solemnised against his will and desire. My in-laws have tried their best to settle our dispute but they failed. No sexual relations have been established between us. I am living with my parents but they are very old and not able to take care of me. In this situation can I approach the court for my rights?

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Legal remedy for forced eviction from matrimonial home and violation of conjugal rights

My husband wants to marry another woman. Therefore, he has been trying to evict me and my son from the matrimonial home. Our matrimonial acrimony and discord has been growing day by day. Finally he evicted me from his home and refused to maintain it. Then I filed a case for the restitution of conjugal rights. That civil suit is decreed in my favour. The court directed my husband to allow the plaintiff to live with him in the matrimonial relationship. My husband refused to obey the order of the family court and filed a criminal case against me. Then I again approached the court for the execution of its order. Thereafter, my husband locked the house and went to another city and living in a rental house. Two years have gone and I am not able to live with my husband. 

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Domestic violence case: wife refuses to allow husband’s second wife to reside in property gifted by father

My father gifted this house to me after my marriage. This house is registered in my name and I’m the sole owner. My husband also lives with me in this house. He has an illicit relationship with another woman and clandestinely married her. That lady also wants to live with us in my house. I am refusing and resisting to bring that lady in my house. My husband does not want to leave this house and also does not want to give divorce.

When that lady came to know that I am resisting her entry in my house she has filed a domestic violence complaint. The magistrate has a residential order thereby directing me to provide a portion of house to her for living. My advocate says that I have to file a writ petition because the Magistrate has no power to grant such a relief. Please give me some advice.

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False Domestic Violence Case: My Wife’s unwillingness to live with me and baseless claims against my mother

How to get rid of false domestic violence case? My wife has expressed her unwillingness to live with me and has exhibited rude and cruel behaviour towards me. Since the time of our marriage, she has never wished to reside in her matrimonial home. Despite my mother being a widow and providing her with all necessary facilities without any demands. My wife has falsely accused my mother of not extending help with household chores in the domestic violence case. 

Not a single sentence in her complaint suggests that she has been subjected to any domestic violence. The issue appears to stem from her problem with my mother, as she has made baseless claims that my mother is lethargic, does not contribute to the household, demands money from me, and unnecessarily expends my earnings.

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How to protect the aggrieved person from dispossession from the shared household?

How to protect the aggrieved person from dispossession from the shared household? My husband and his parents are trying to dispossess me from the matrimonial home. That matrimonial home is my shared household as defined under the domestic violence act. No one is coming up to protect me against the eviction from the shared household. Please help and advise me about the legal right of a married woman in the shared household.

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