Divorce Cases

Can I get divorce for marrying another person?

Can I get divorce for marrying another person? I am 34 years old. I have been married for 2 years but I feel suffocating in the presence of my husband. I am also having an affair with my colleague  at the office. My husband would let me take divorce easily. He keeps a check on my phone and with whom I am talking. What can I do to get legally separated from him? 

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Wife is not ready to leave India: can husband give talaq?

I am Bangladeshi Muslim man Software Developer by profession married to an Indian Muslim women. My wife is not ready to leave India. Can husband give talaq on such a refusal? Our marriage took place in City of Bijapur, State of Karnataka, India where my wife’s family resides with consent from both families under Muslim Sharia Law at the house of the bride. My wife is a project manager working for Wipro in India and I am working in Bangladesh. It has been almost 4 years since we have been married and it seems my wife is unwilling to move to Bangladesh. She gives a reason that it will be difficult for her to have a job in Bangladesh. 

I tried to assure her that I will be responsible for her full maintenance and she won’t have to worry about it. I also got offered a job By an Indian Software company which would have given me the opportunity to live with her in India and work. But she told me that she is not comfortable about me moving to India and working from there. She does not make her intentions clear when I tried to talk to her mother and brother. She got angry at me and asked why I tried to talk to them without noticing her. 

It has been too long and I am facing tremendous pressure and questions from my family and relatives as to why I am not living with my wife and what my plan for the future is. Question Under the circumstance is it valid for me to raise talaq if my wife refuses to move in with me? Since I am not in India and not an Indian Citizen, can it be remotely done?

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Wife quarrels with my mother: Can I get divorce on cruelty?

We married 12 years ago and we have a 10 years old son. Our marital relationship is not good and my wife quarrels with my mother. She wants my mother don’t stay with us. During the quarrel she spoke awkward words, abused, and raised hand on me.  One day she called the police and I spent 4 hours at Mahila Thana. We can not stay together. She is willing to file a false case for getting divorce.

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Husband refused divorce: What should I do?

My husband is a very cruel person. He has no friends and does not spend time with family. His life is monotonous and there is no space for me. My husband has refused to give divorce and set me free from his jail. He treats me like a slave therefore, my husband refuses to give divorce. I am suffering mental cruelty.

My life has been ruined and I want to live a peaceful life. I have talked to my husband about divorce but he became violent and refused my divorce proposal. I want to know whether he has a right to decide or the court will decide divorce? We both are hindu.

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Divorce within one year of marriage: Is it possible?

My husband is planning to settle in the USA and I want to stay in Bangalore. Therefore, we want to file a mutual consent divorce because we have decided to live separately. Can we file mutual consent divorce within one year of marriage? Our parents do not agree for divorce because our marriage is only six months old. 

My husband has been selected in a multinational company on a very high salary. His future is very bright in the USA hence, he does not like to live in India. Whereas, my parents are very old and I’m the only child. They cannot go to the USA with us and I’m working in PWC Bangalore. My salary is enough to live a good life with my parents in Bangalore. Sir, please suggest how we can take mutual divorce within one year of marriage?

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Cruel behavior of wife: Ground for divorce

My wife is suffering from chronic mental disorder therefore, I want divorce. Sometimes she becomes more cruel and beats me with anything she has in her hands. Can I get divorce for the cruel behavior of wife? She does not behave like a wife. When guests come to my house she threatens to get out of my house. Sometimes she sits on the balcony wearing only a bra and panties. When I object she abuses me and throws anything she finds.

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Divorce on mental illness of wife

I want divorce on the mental illness of my wife. She has been suffering from mental illness for fifteen years. Her father has concealed this fact at the time of marriage. Now I came to know this fact when she went to her home and was admitted in hospital. She used to complain about pain in her hand, back, and leg. We did not understand the real problem behind such an imitation. Actually she is trying to conceal this fact and making false complaints about ache. 

Now I have decided to file a divorce case and get rid of her due to her mental disorder. Her father is a cheater and he has deliberately concealed this important fact. If I knew about her illness then I would not be ready for the marriage. Her father has deceived me. I also want to claim damages from her father. Please guide me sir.

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Can I get divorce because my husband always suspecting my character

Hello, I am from Malayali-family, formerly resided in Malad, Mumbai. My husband suspecting my character because of my pre marriage affairs. I recently got married on 17th Feb 2020 and moved with a new partner. But, soon I got stuck with him under lockdown and my life has become like a caged-reptile bonded 24×7 to the new man, whom I hardly knew 6 months prior to marriage. As soon as I got married, 2020 year has been like a storm in my life.

My natural inclination driven by my high Estrogen is to be-friend, hang-out, flirt and go on dates with multiple boys, which I enjoy the most and want to continue. But, this new man delivered a package in the form of “husband” and doesn’t like me meeting or even talking to guys. He gets suspicious even when I am talking to my office male-colleagues working at CITI, my socialite club MAD (Make-a-difference) or ex-boyfriends. I am now reduced to his ‘house-maid’. I want to get out of this bonded labor life, I cannot just stand him and want my thrilling scandalous sexy life back.

Whether the above legal-reasoning and opinions will enable me to initiate divorce? What will be the formalities and process, and charges for initiating divorce?

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My husband fights after drinking and demanding divorce

I had a love marriage in 2012. My husband was into the hotel business but later left and started looking after his fathers property which is a boy’s hostel. He has gotten into drinking and bad company. Fights for small things, we stay in his elder brother’s house. My husband has no property in his name. Whenever I have quarrels my husband fights after drinking and demanding divorce. Sometimes he fights with his brother’s wife and he asks me to leave the house or go to my parents house. He says I can’t stay seperate as I don’t have anything.

He asks me to give divorce if I say I want to do a job. His family members support him. I have two children which have been adopted by my brother in law in the year 2016 so my father in law tells my husband to abandon me and the children will stay with them. As I have no right on them. Please advise what I can do? My husband and his father know that if tomorrow I approach the court I cannot do anything as nothing is in my husband’s name.

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Divorce on abnormal behaviour of my wife

My wife’s abnormal behavior causes much trauma. I want divorce on the basis of abnormal behavior of my wife. Sometimes being good and sometimes threatening me by saying she will suicide.  She had suicide attempts twice. And discharged from hospital. Only message conversation proof is there. No real proof. My old parents should not come home. She will never talk with them. So they are not staying with me. If I ask this, she will do suicide attempt. I want to apply divorce. If I apply any chance  to win. How to proceed.  Pls help. I work in mysore.

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Premarital unchastity of wife ground of divorce

My wife had premarital unchastity i.e. pre marriage sex with her boyfriend. I got married on 22/04/2016 at Warangal, Telangana. One day, I received messages and calls from one person saying that the person and my wife is having an affair from 6 years and being in a physical relationship for more than a year. He sent not only messages but also some pics that they have taken together romantically.

After watching all these pics and messages we (all our family members) have decided and took that girl to her parents on 23/04/2016 morning and asked regarding this and she agreed in front of her parents, and all our family members and even her parents also know this affair and wanted arranged marriage with me.

They have cheated me in all aspects hence kindly seeking advice on how to take the step forward and get the divorce or legal separation from that girl Note: The girl is staying with her parents from 23/04/2016 onward.

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Too long hearing date in divorce case

I have filed for a divorce against my wife on grounds of cruelty and desertion. She has left me more than 3 years ago and now has gone completely unerground. The court has issued summons to her last known address. But the next date for hearing is fixed after 3 months. How can I get this expedited ?

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