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by | 11 Apr, 2020 | Property Law

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I want correction of name in land records. All the lands devolved upon my father after my grandfather’s death. Some khatauni are bearing the incomplete name of my father. I want to correct those. Kindly advise me what I should do for the same?

You should take certified copies of every khatauni from the collectorate (Collector’s office). Collect evidence which tends to show the full name of your father. Family register, birth certificate, voter identification card, Aadhar card, PAN card etc are valid documents which prove the correct name. 

Attach any of the above-said document with the khatauni which is disclosing the incorrect name of your father. If you have no such documents then you should use the correct khatauni as evidence to prove the full name of your father. This evidence itself proves the full name so you can rely upon it for correction of name in the land records. 

I have given the procedure to get the correction in khatauni. You should read that advice. The land revenue code provides a procedure to remove mistakes from the revenue records. You have to file a suit for such correction. Contact a local advocate to file such suit in the court of Tehsildar.

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