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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I receive the advice?

You’ll receive advice online. We publish our advice on the password protected webpage. The page will be fully encrypted and in order to read our advice you have to decrypt the page by a login password which will be provided by us.

How do I book phone consultancy?

You have to fill-up the form given in phone consultancy page. After confirmation of the payment we’ll book an appointment for the phone consultancy with one of professional. The details about consultant and consultancy will be send to you on your email and mobile number registered with us.

How do you publish the advice on the website?

We always respect the trust of our client. Therefore, we never publish any advice on the website without receiving prior permission of the client. The relation between advocate and client are fiduciary in nature and we are bound to maintain it.

Could I ask follow-up question?

You have option to ask a follow-up question. The follow-up question should be pertinent to the main question which has advised by us. You cannot ask a fully different question.

Can I claim the refund of fee?

If you do not want to avail our services but have paid thereto, you can claim for refund but only before confirmation of payment. We take 4 hours to confirm the payment. You must send an email on the email address given in the invoice form within four hours of making payment. We’ll refund without any deduction, the payment gateway charges shall be borne by us.

How can we use your advice?

Our advice always based upon relevant case laws i.e. precedent. We never give superficial advice which has no further value. You can use our advice in court proceeding because it is backed with relevant case laws of Hon’ble Supreme Court or High Court, as the case may be.