Consult a lawyer in sexual abuse

You may consult a lawyer in sexual abuse case. Rape, outrage of modesty, sexual harassment at work place, peeping, uploading pornographic contents on website etc are the most heinous sexual offence against the women. Criminal law amendment act 2013 has broadened the ambit of sexual offences against the women. Contact our lawyer for legal assistance regarding sexual abuses cases. 

How to quash the false rape and dowry case filed by ex-girlfriend?

Can the court quash the false rape and dowry case filed by an ex-girlfriend? I knew a girl in the past 9-10 years. I genuinely wanted to marry her. When I got a good job, I sent my appointment letter to her. Her parents came to my home and we continued with the...

Should I divorce my husband on my boyfriend’s instigation?

My boyfriend instigates me to divorce my husband. Therefore, I left my husband’s house at the instigation of my boyfriend. He told me to leave the house of the husband and remarry with him. Thereafter, I willingly left the husband’s house with the self-declaration at...

SHO refused to take action on my FIR of cyber fraud

SHO straightway refused to take action on my FIR of Cyber fraud verbally & officially he says investigation under progress. Now six months have passed. What are the options left with me to compel police for rapid action? Question from: Uttar Pradesh The officer in...

CRPC Section 154: Recording of First Information Report (FIR)

I want to know what is the procedure for recording of FIR (first information report) under section 154 crpc? My bike has stolen and the police officer has not been recording my FIR. He said that my information is false and no such offence has occurred. Please help me...

Can my boyfriend file case against me on the basis of mental harassment?

Your boyfriend should have some evidence to prove mental harassment otherwise he cannot file any criminal case against you. A hypothesis cannot take the place of reality. Threatening on the basis of such a hypothesis is an offence of criminal intimidation. Thus your boyfriend cannot file a case on mental harassment.

Can I file a case against my boyfriend who had sexually abused me

Sexual intercourse on the false promise of marriage constitutes the offence of rape. The consent was not free if it was given due to misconception of fact. Thereby the person commits the offence of rape which is punishable under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code.

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