Consult a lawyer in sexual abuse

You may consult a lawyer in sexual abuse case. Rape, outrage of modesty, sexual harassment at work place, peeping, uploading pornographic contents on website etc are the most heinous sexual offence against the women. Criminal law amendment act 2013 has broadened the ambit of sexual offences against the women. Contact our lawyer for legal assistance regarding sexual abuses cases. 

Labours are frequently entering our premises without permission

My neighbor’s plot is under construction, and the contractor and labours are frequently entering our premises without permission. They have also failed to clean up the construction materials and waste from our property. When I asked them to address this issue, the owner of the property used abusive language towards me and my family. Do you have any advice on how to handle this situation?

Can I seek quashing of FIR on expiry of limitation period?

FIR was charged against me on 02/05/2019. I was called to the police station on 02/12/2019 and was released on station bail. They have charged IPC 354 D (stalking through email). But after which no response was there. Recently I got a govt job and when applied for a police clearance certificate I came to know the FIR is pending. The police have not filed charge sheet till date to my knowledge. Can I quash the FIR based on expiry of limitation period.

My boyfriend raped me in the influence of narcotics drugs

Boyfriend had raped me after I said no to sex. I live in xxxxx, I was visiting my boyfriend and stayed at his flat at that time in xxx. We have been in a relationship of 1 year.  We’ve had a physical relationship where we had consensual sex whenever we met. He had been under the influence of Marijuana (and I don’t know what else) when he didn’t respect my no and raped me last week. This has happened once before with him (also when he was on the same drugs, some months ago) but he promised that it won’t happen again. He is a drug addict and takes it 2-3 times a week, at least for the last 5 years. What charges can I press on him?

Wife intentionally delaying the trial of dowry case: what to do?

It is almost nine years now and I am fighting a Dowry case against me. Although my defence is strong, the other party is prolonging this case by making excuses and playing the victim card in from the judge. What remedies I can take to fast track this case?

What actions should you take against an attempt to murder?

My neighbour has attempted to murder in a land dispute. He along with others came to my house with firearms and started shouting, abusing and hitting my gate. When I came out to stop them from doing such a violence, they broke out and beat me with a club and sharp edge gandasa. I suffered some minor injuries on my arm, back and thigh. One injury on my head is severe. That is life threatening so I want to take proper legal action against them. Please suggest what actions I should take against them for an attempt to murder?

India: The Emerging Hub of Cyberstalking

Introduction: The digital age, while bringing numerous benefits, has also opened the doors to new forms of crime. With its massive internet user base, India is grappling with the dark side of the digital revolution: cyberstalking. While the country prides itself on...

Critical Examination of the Growth of Cyberstalking in India

The pervasiveness of the internet has redefined how people communicate and interact. However, the digital age has also introduced new threats, such as cyberstalking. Cyberstalking involves the use of the internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an...

Critical Analysis of Cyberstalking on Indian Women as Victims

With the advent of the internet and digital communication, cyberstalking has emerged as a significant concern. In India, the situation is exacerbated by a deeply rooted patriarchal system, making women more susceptible to various forms of online harassment, including...

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