Consult a lawyer in service matter

Consult a lawyer in service matter like suspension or termination of employee, any dispute between the employer and employee in which service contract and service rules have breached. It is a significant branch of law which decides the matter between employee and employer. Salary dispute, ACP related matters, promotion dispute etc are the most common dispute pertaining to service. 

Who can sign a will as a witness?

Who can sign a will as a witness? Sir, my late father (Hindu by religion) executed a registered will for which my wife signed as one of witness, since my father asked her to do so, because other witness couldn’t come due to out of station. Someone told me that my share in the will, will be void and forfeited. However, one of my friends saying it is not true in case of a Hindi will, please clarify.

Father having illegal relations with my paternal aunt

My father is having illegal relations with my paternal aunt. They have discretely registered their marriage after my mother demise. I am the only daughter of my father and now married. My father is reluctant to give my educational certificates. Can i have the share in property in future? Can i avail the benefits of family pension scheme? My aunt has 3 children from first marriage, can i suspend pension of my stepmom in future?

Passport after closing of criminal case

An FIR was filed against me and case was closed in 2022. Can I apply for new passport and any document required to prove it for passport and in police verification. What is the procedure in the Indian Passport Act?

False promise of cash back

A property channel partner promised me to give 1% of the sale value of a new flat as cash back 30 to 45 days from the date of agreement. It’s been 4 months since sale agreement was executed. I am chasing the channel partner to issue the cash back and there is no response from them. I have an email from the sales team about this 1% cash back. Can I take legal action against them

Family members can act on behalf of society’s members

In registered co-operative society in Gujarat, there is President, Secretary, Tresury and other Members, totaling to 8 to 11 strengths. Normally a share certificate holder who are owning their property are members of such society. But if he is not able to devote time can his close family members such as Mother/Father/Brother /Sister be member of Society. Pls advise.

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