Consult a lawyer in RERA cases

Consult a lawyer in RERA cases like builder and consumer dispute. The builder does not providing possession within time, bad or substandard construction, failed to perform his promise, taking unauthorized payments, demanding excess money etc are the major disputed come under the RERA. You may consult our advocate to get appropriate advice. 

Sapinda relation in Hindu family for ancestral property

I have some confusion about the sapinda relation. My father and me are want to get share in the ancestal property but the court is adament to reject our plea on the ground that we do not come under the concept sapinda as explained in the Mitakshra Law of inheritance. Now please advice what is sapinda and how to claim our share?

Share of beneficiary in the will

My dad made a registered WILL and in that WILL mentioned that any ancestral property in his name will be transferred to stepmother’s name and my name. Can she get 50% share in that property?

Unregistered floors and denied shares in the family property

The house that belonged to my father was constructed by my brother without obtaining signatures from any of us siblings. The floors were built in the name of my mother-in-law after my father’s demise. However, she is no longer present, and both my brothers reside on the two floors. We are not receiving any rent, and when I request a share, they refuse. Additionally, neither of the floors is registered in anyone’s name. Please guide me.

Village committee has blocked the public road

I am from a village in odisha, India, I have two separate plots which are in my name and they are adjacent to each other and their boundaries joined. In front of both the plots there is government land and in front of that land there is the main road. I have built my home in the first plot and have not done anything in the second plot. My village committee is allowing me only a single passage from my home to the main road but they are blocking the passage to the main road from my second plot. And they are threatening me to boycott from the village if I demand a road for my second plot. Is it legal from my village committee or by government rules?

My neighbour has damaged my boundary wall

My house is in centre of street and we have two gate front and behind which open in two different streets one street is wider and other street is very narrow, The problem is my neighbour bought house in narrow street which is right next to his own house in wider street and merged it with his house in wider street and did some construction this all happened 5 years ago and now I believe that my neighbour during construction decreased the thickness of my boundary wall between my house and that house in narrow street which he bought from 9 inch to 4 inch What should I do next Please help me it would be a great help.

Mutation of government land occupied by parent on lease

We have a lease deed land from govt. Our father had expired and he had the possession on the land but construction is not done. Our mother has also expired. As legal heir me and my sister wants build one house of our own with housing plan. We do not want to do mutation. As we both are the only legal heirs. So if we get a housing plan shall we construct a house of our own. please advise.

Construction on rooftop

Sir, I have a second story with a rooftop and want to build a one-room set on the terrace, but I’m afraid he’ll halt the construction by calling the police or filing a complaint against me. He also filed a civil court case against me for water dampening in the walls and he already knows the problem is coming from adjacent building and not ours. What can i do?

Tenant wants landlord’s details for drug license

I am planning to rent my property to a pharmaceutical business tenant who wishes to apply for a drug license. They are requesting my signature, photograph, and other details for the application. Could I potentially face any legal issues in the future by providing the requested information?

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