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How to ensure re-entry in matrimonial home?

I seek a residence order as I have been at my parents’ house for nine months now. I have a two-month-old child, and my husband abandoned me in the middle of my pregnancy. I have filed an FIR against him, but he secured anticipatory bail, and all legal proceedings are still pending. Can I re-enter my matrimonial house?

Someone is compelling me to marry against my will

The date for a collective marriage has been fixed, but I do not want to proceed with it. The girl’s family is threatening me that if I don’t marry her, they will take legal action against my entire family. What should we do?

Husband has physically assaulted me on multiple occasions

I got married in May 2023, and my concern is that he has caused me mental trauma throughout these months. Recently, he shared my entire WhatsApp conversation with a close friend and is now using it to accuse me of wrongdoing. Despite being my husband, he has been physically aggressive on multiple occasions. How should I proceed in this situation?

Wife claiming maintenance whereas she lived only a day with the husband

My wife has recently resigned from her job and filed a maintenance case, demanding 30k per month. The details of my case are as follows: Duration of marriage: 1 year [lived separately since day 1] Children: Nil Marriage Act: Special Marriage Act. Wife’s Education: BCOM + completed a company accountant course + cleared IPCC exams. Currently appearing for CA final exams. Wife’s Employment: She was gainfully employed in an MNC private sector accounting firm, earning Rs 50K. However, she resigned two months before filing the petition. Wife’s Residence: She is staying with her parents but is not mentioned in the petition. Husband’s Education [Me]: BE, Husband’s Residence: Rented Husband’s Occupation: I was employed as an engineer in a mid-scale company, earning 70k. However, I have resigned and am now seeking higher position jobs. Husband’s Liability: I have a personal loan for my brother’s marriage of 3L, paying EMI 15k per month. As we have never lived together, do not have any children, and she is well-educated and was gainfully employed even after marriage, it seems she has purposefully resigned to mentally harass me.

Can I force a person to marry after his refusal

I met someone through a matrimony group’s marriage advertisement, and for three months, he has been in touch with me through phone calls and messages. We were dating, had a meeting, and shared a room, during which he expressed his intention to marry me. However, I recently discovered that he has been in a relationship with another woman for the past four years. He claims that this is the reason he cannot marry me. How can I legally compel him to marry me?

Closing fixed deposit when father is not traceable

Based on negotiation prior to the divorcee decree, an account of Rs.2.5 lakhs was deposited in FD in the name of my minor daughter by her father (my ex husband) in Syndicate Bank. Now this bank is merged with Canara Bank. The interest of the deposit amount was credited to my account quarterly for her maintenance. Now she is completed 18 years. For her studies we want to close the FD and use the amount. The Canara bank says that her father has to attend for closing the FD. The divorcee was 13 years back and we do not know the whereabouts of her father. Kindly advise what we can do to get the amount. Thanks

How can I claim enhancement in maintenance if husband got promotion and receiving higher salary

I am a divorced woman. I have been receiving 15000 maintenance for 10 years. Over the years my maintenance has remained the same. But due to inflation and price rise I am unable to sustain myself. However, my ex husband who is a professor in a university receives a good sum of money. But still he has not increased my maintenance. I have no children and am not working. How and to whom to apply to increase my maintenance?

Revision in maintenance case has been dismissed

MC Filed on 3.8.2016 and ordered on 22.3.2023 Wife and Children each 2000 *3 = 6000 from date of application and I went for revision to sessions court which is dismissed due to not attended in corona but 91 CrPC is pending in August 2021. and they filed arrears petition in JMFC on 28.12.2021 for the period 3.8.2016 to. 3.7.2017 I replied that is a statutory Period one year limit is over now my doubts is this petition is maintainable or not then how can I take stay on this pls give your advice to me.

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