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Matrimonial causes includes dispute regarding marriage, divorce, maintenance, custody of child, guardianship of child, separation, dissolution of marriage etc. Consult our advocate in matrimonial causes and get appropriate advice over the phone. You may book an appointment for thirty minutes duration and consult about your matrimonial disputes. Our advocates have vast experience in marital disputes. 

Wife has past relations with a boy Can I take divorce

My wife had past relations with a boy which I recently came to know. In this situation, I don’t want to live with my wife. She is very clever lady and I think that she is still in touch of that man. Can I take divorce?

I am facing a distressing situation where my husband is physically abusing me

I am facing a distressing situation where my husband is physically abusing me due to his anger issues and displaced anger. Unfortunately, he not only directs this aggression towards me but also towards his parents. Moreover, his parents seem to be overly protective of him and react negatively towards me whenever he says anything negative about them. We have only been married for a few months, and yet he has already hit me twice. Communication with him is difficult, as he avoids talking to me.

Adding to my distress, his parents subject me to severe verbal abuse. I am deeply concerned for my safety and well-being. In light of these circumstances, I feel the need to end this marriage to protect myself from further harm

Can a Christian couple obtain a mutual consent divorce?

Can a Christian couple obtain a mutual consent divorce within one year but before two years of marriage? Additionally, is it possible for them to pursue a mutual consent divorce outside of the court, with an agreement signed by both parties and notarized by an advocate holding a notary license?

Triple talaq after the delivery of child is possible or not?

I want to divorce my wife because she is a characterless lady. She is now pregnant and I am doubtful whether she is pregnant by me or any other else. In this situation the idea of divorce should be stayed. I want to know whether can I pronounce talaq after delivery of child according to the Muslim law applicable in Sunni Muslim in India?

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