Consult a lawyer in domestic violence

Consult a lawyer in domestic violence cases. Victim of domestic violence has a right to claim relief such as residence, monetary help, protection order etc. The protection officer appointed under the protection of women from domestic violence act 2005. DV Act is enacted to protect the woman from domestic violence. Consult our advocate for legal assistance in domestic violence cases.


My mother-in-law is harassing me for getting my salary

My mother-in-law is harassing me for getting my salary. She is a very cruel lady and very greedy. I am working as a bank manager in ICICI Bank and my husband is a software engineer. My husband is lower than my salary therefore my mother in law is demanding from me to give myself to her. She is the dominating person in our family and my husband does not want to listen to a single word against her. I have three children so I cannot give myself to her.

My husband does not contribute a single penny for the education and care of my children. I bear the whole expenses of my children’s education and basic needs. My mother in law does not allow me to go to my parent’s home. She instigates my husband to crack down on my ego. My mother in law commits domestic violence against me for my salary. She does not give me food if I do not follow her direction. I need legal protection because my life is unsafe in my matrimonial home.

Anonymous complaint in Domestic Violence Act

Can I file an anonymous complaint in the Domestic Violence Act because my sister’s husband does not allow her to leave the home? My sister has been living under the strict surveillance of her husband. She is facing severe domestic violence and mental torture from her husband. I want to come forward to save my sister. But I also fear that when my jija ji will harass me. When came to know that I have filed the complaint then he will torture my parents. Therefore, I want to file an anonymous complaint. Please guide me.

Alternate accommodation under the domestic violence act

My wife wants alternate accommodation under the Domestic Violence Act. She filed a complaint under section 12 of the domestic violence act and claimed residence order and protection order. There was some dispute between her and my mother. She has lived in my house only for two years, during her stay in the matrimonial home she always created chaos on petty issues. She has ruined my life, and now I want to get rid of her. Can the Magistrate direct me to provide to her an alternate accommodation?

Can wife claim residence order under the DV Act after the decree of divorce?

Sir my marriage is performed under Hindu marriage act on 10th May 2018. I came to my mother house on 18th Feb 2019. My husband filed a divorce case under 13(1)(a) saying that I am harassing him to stay separately. I filled a maintenance case under 125 crpc. His allegation is not true. Actually, he has an illegal affair with some other lady.

I noticed it and asked him with some photos, messages which I got on his mobile. Sir, how can I get residential order to stay in my husband own house?

Sir if a divorce case is disposed of then the wife will have a right to reside in his husband house? what we have to do if husband opposes it? (wife residing without his interest) Under DV Act residence order, the wife will have the total right to stay in his husband house? (without husband interest)

Sister in law wants to expel me from the matrimonial home

Sister in law wants to expel me from the matrimonial home. She was married and living in her parent’s house with his husband and son. She is mentally irritating me and trying to let me out of the house. My husband is with my side. But the house is owned by the parents. So we can’t say anything against her. Is there any chance to get her out of the house, if I file a complaint?

Second wife seeking residence order under domestic violence act

I am the second wife seeking residence order. I initiated DV case against him and another criminal complaint of 420,498A,354,376,324 of I.P.C against my in-laws, I want a residence in the matrimonial house but his first divorce is pending. He compelled me by force to sign-up in his divorce case to implicate me that I know his first marriage. He after our marriage want to marry with a third woman so created an account on Jeevansathi matrimonial site and I caught him I have this proof I submit to the court.

He did sexual assault against me after 17 days of interaction and threatened me to do what I said to you. I did sign in up. I give my statement under 164 to the magistrate about this real assault, but his lawyer defence is that I have prior knowledge so I can not get relief of right to residence in the matrimonial house. His wife doesn’t live with him. Please kindly give me advice on how to get the right to residence in my husband house. He has by writing admitted that I am his wife, his family members also in writing admitted that I am their daughter in law before Mahila samupdeshan Kendra, and their fir against me of 380,457, I gave my marriage certificate to the court.

Does a woman in domestic nature in strange nature have the right to residence in the matrimonial house?

Wife can seek residence order only in shared household

My husband contracted a second marriage, and that woman has been living with us. The second wife of my husband demanded huge money as maintenance under section 125 of the code of criminal procedure. She is a very much materialistic woman and also dominating my husband. Along with that maintenance petition, she has filed a case under the Domestic Violence Act.

The Honorable Court has decided and ordered to live in my house. I am the owner of the house. Therefore, she has no right to make any claim on my property. What should I do?

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