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You may consult a lawyer in criminal cases pertaining to Indian Penal Code, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, Arms Act, The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act etc. We provide explicit legal advice in criminal cases along with relevant case laws and legal references like judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts of India. 

Sister in law filed false case of cruelty

My sister in law filed a police complaint under 498-A. The investigation is about to start. Can I take anticipatory bail or any other remedy is available to us against this false FIR. My husband is living in the USA and I just came to India to attend a marriage ceremony. But my sister in law has roped me in a false FIR. Sir please help. I want to return as soon as possible.

How to lodge FIR against the drug peddler?

There is a guy who is into drug trafficking in our nearby pubs. He is an intermediate failure and is troubling our neighbourhood. How to lodge FIR against this drug peddler? I want to lodge an FIR anonymously. If not possible then can I file a complaint against him? I don’t want to get involved directly in this case because he may damage my business.

My neighbour stares at me and my sister: What should I do?

My neighbours built the house recently. His balcony covers half of the road and standing on the balcony he stares at me and my sister. Most of the time we stay inside home, if we go out to buy vegetables, he comes and keeps on staring. He throws cigarette pieces at my home. Difficult to live in my own house.
How to deal with this issue? Old granny at home and I don’t have anyone to support. Since I’m a girl I should not raise my voice.

I want divorce because my wife is a characterless lady

My wife has illegal relations which I did not know at the time of marriage. She is a characterless lady so I want divorce. I got married in 2008, and my marriage life is still very good till Dec 2019. In Dec 2019 I found that my wife has been characterless for so many years, approx 5 to 7 years. But I have no solid proof. After Dec 2019 to till date I found she has an abnormal negative change in her behaviour with me and my 70 years old mother. She misbehaving with me and my mom. And she gives us warnings every day about police cases.

And finally she claims 498-A in mahila police and 125 in court. My question is that I’m ready to accept her.but she does not want to come. She claim a totally wrong case against me. I am in trouble. She is misusing ladies law. What can I do? I also have a 12 years old child with her. I think she has no feelings for me.

Boyfriend is playing victim card and blackmailing me

Boyfriend is playing the victim card and blackmailing me to shut my mouth and stop claiming marriage. My boyfriend promised me he will marry I said no cuz I have no control over my anger bt he said he will manage then he ask for physical just cuz he will marry I said yes bt after physical he started to fight in anger I call his mom lair he Break up with saying word then I met his parents they said they will marry when we get job bt my dad died so I talk to him but he ignored and indirectly refused to marry.

When we broke up in anger I created fake id nd tell his frnds that he is gay he have those screen shot nd threats me if I contact him he will defame me just cuz he promised me he will marry I said yes to physical nd he breaks up with out reason so in anger I created fake id bt now he blackmail me that it was with consent nd if file case he will defame me his father is police.

Relationship is of 1 yr and his age is 18 and the girl is 19. His parents saying he has mental issues and all he can’t marry u at the time of relationship he don’t have mental issues. Only time they marry he has that they are just playing the victim card. What should I do? I feel violated he obtained my consent by playing with my emotions but now he playing victim card I wanted to file case on him bt deu his father is police they trouble me lot nd defame how to win this case and put him behind bars.

Embezzlement of paid electricity bills

Complaints regarding embezzlement of paid electricity bills were made by consumers in the division office of the electricity board against lower class employees. Statements of consumers were recorded in the division office. After that an FIR was lodged against the concerned employees.

Whether statements recorded by the divisional officer of electricity board before registration of FIR have any legal value? Whether these statements come under 161 crpc statements? Whether bar of crpc 162 applies to these statements. Whether all the preliminary enquiry/ proceedings done by divisional officer before registration of FIR comes as a part of investigation? Whether contradiction of witness as per section 145 of evidence act could be done on the basis of such statements.

Bail in dowry death cases : when the court can reject the bail

Can my son in law get bail in a dowry death case? When does the court reject the bail? My son in law has murder my daughter and hanged his body with ceiling fan. We got the information on mobile phone that my daughter has committed suicide. there was a demand for dowry, right from the beginning of the marriage. My son in law demanded a car which is out of our financial capacity. Hence, he murdered my daughter and committed dowry death.

They are very influential people and they can manipulate the investigation. When we reached the house of my son in law we saw that the dead body of my daughter was hanging by the ceiling fan. There were so many people present and local police officers were also present. In the presence of the Deputy Superintendent the dead body of my daughter had taken down. There were several injury marks on her body. However the postmortem report says antemortem hanging but Injuries show that it was a murder.

Contradiction in dying declaration : chances of conviction

My brother is accused in a murder case. He is innocent but the police have falsely implicated him in this case. The dying declaration of the deceased does not support his role in the murder of Ramnaresh Kushwaha. There is a contradiction in the dying declaration so I want to know what is the chance of conviction of my brother?

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