Consult a lawyer in consumer cases

Consult a lawyer in consumer cases like dispute between consumer and seller. Consumer cases includes every deficiency in service provided to the consumer. When a seller or service providers have provided substandard goods or services the consumer has a right to recover damages from such seller or service provider. You may consult our advocate in consumer cases they have vast experience in consumer related disputes and they will provide you appropriate advice.

Seniority dispute between direct selection and departmental promotion

I am selected as JE in railway under GDCE quota vacancy and after completion of training 22-10-2020 join on regular post. Whereas promotional quota JE selected on 28-08-2020 and given higher responsibility from 28-8-2020 then sent them for 3 month promotional training. My seniority is assigned from the date of completion of training whereas promotional quota JE seniority is assigned from the date of beginning of training. So who will be the senior?

Government has appointed some engineers without publishing advertisement

The government has appointed some engineers in the irrigation department without publishing the advertisement. It is a grave irregularity because the department did not follow the standard procedure in appointment of candidates in the government job. The ministry of irrigation was involved in the procedure to select the candidates of his own choice. There is gratification and malpractice on the part of the government.

Because of which the government has bypassed the selection procedure. I want to cancel this examination and conduct a fresh examination after publishing an advertisement and accepting application forms. Is it possible to compel the government to conduct a fresh examination?

Exam has not been conducted on OMR sheet

The exam has not been conducted on an OMR sheet. I am working at CLW/Chittaranjan under the ministry of Railways as a Technician. This month I appeared in a promotional exam of Inter stage J.E. (LDCE). I was shocked in the exam hall to see the answer sheets, which were given to us to write the answer. It was not an OMR SHEET. We were given totally blank pages to write the question and its answer by hand.

The answer sheet had no carbon copy in between, no identity and no copy number printed on it like an OMR Sheet. Mention one thing but the questions were 100% objective multiple types. While the Railway Board Rule 196 dt. 14.12.2018 clearly says that all the promotional exams should be on CBT Mode or on OMR SHEET.

In the past the administration had been conducting the same exams on the OMR Sheet. Before this exam the administration has continuously conducted three such exams of JE on OMR Sheet and many other departmental exams also on OMR. The plain answer sheets can easily be changed with another one who has the approach but the OMR sheets are difficult to change as they are kept under the custody of two different officers at different places. And so the OMR Sheets are more reliable.

When the Railway Board has ordered to conduct the promotional exam on CBT or OMR Sheet, how can the administration force us to write the exam on Plain sheet? When the administration was continuously conducting the same exams in the past on OMR Sheet then why this time not? Should the administration re-conduct the exam? Result is about to be published. What can we do to cancel this exam and to have a fresh exam? Thank you.

Tenant has promised to clear the dues shortly

I rented my house in March 2021 through a rental agreement. Police verification was done at that time but I couldn’t collect the same because of being out of Station due to Corona. Now the man of property dealer who had dealt with this case has all of sudden left the job and is not traceable so all these documents are not available with me.

The tenant is also not in the flat and has not paid rent for two months. After several attempts I could contact him and he paid rent for one month saying his father is in ICU and he will pay rent shortly but I can’t trust him. What should be my next course of action in the above circumstances? Should I wait for some more time?

Ex-employee started business with employer’s clients

My employee started his own business without my consent and he converted my business to his firm. He used all my clients data and relations he built up as my employee for his personal benefit. While he is doing so, he enjoys all benefits like salary allowance. Can I file a criminal case against him? If possible, which section in IPC?

Tenant has not been paying rent – Eviction of tenant

My tenant has not been paying rent since November 2019. I am a 68 year old person from Visakhapatnam. I gave my shop on rent to a person for tailoring. He paid the rent for the last time in Aug 2019 through phonepe. From Nov 2019 he stopped paying current bills also. So I tried to call him to warn him about these things but he didn’t pick up the phone then. So I locked the shop in Feb 2020 having no other option and sent him an sms to meet me, vacate the shop and pay the outstanding rent.

He then came to and blackmailed me that if I didn’t give him the shop back. He would harass me through the police. As I didn’t give him the shop. He filed a wrong complaint against me in the police station in July 2020. But police told him to pay rent first and then do anything in court or in the presence of elders.

Suddenly on 28th Dec 2020 at 2 am he tried to break the lock of the shop. When I heard the noise, called the police and video recorded it and next day filed a complaint against him on which no action was taken till now. I am losing 2 yrs of rent because of him. I have no other sources of income and my children are still young. Please tell me how I can evict him and collect my outstanding rent of 2 yrs?

Tenant owns a house in the same city: Eviction of tenant

Our father had purchased three houses together in a colony, more than 50 years ago. Two on the ground floor, in which we were already living there on rent. And One house is on top of these two houses. A tenant family was on rent, the time we purchased it. This tenant is no more and his wife lives with her elder son now. Her daughter is married & settled. And though both of her sons own houses in Dehradun. Her younger son is living with his family in our house and not vacating it.

Our family has extended and we need this house to be vacated urgently. According to the tenant this house is an allotment house and can not be vacated. Is there any new law supporting a landlord in this kind of situation? Please help and guide.

Illegal use of my boundary wall by my neighbor

There is an Illegal use of my boundary wall by my neighbor. My father built the 6 ft high 5″ thick 60 ft long boundary wall before construction of our 2 storied building within my premises in the year 1990-91 when there was a narrow drain and one 3″ thick small boundary wall of my neighbor was there.

After completion of our wall the neighbor breaks down the wall and assumes my wall as his boundary wall also. He also demanded plastering of the wall on his side but my father denied it. No problem arises till 2017. But in 2018 the neighbor built a shed on the vacant area between his house and my boundary wall. He drilled a number of iron hooks in my wall for erection of angles without taking my permission. Is this work legal or not ? Can my neighbor use my own wall for any construction ? What will I do now ?

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