Consult a lawyer in constitutional cases

Consult a lawyer in constitutional cases like dispute regarding infringement of fundamental rights. Fundamental rights of citizen is the most significant right to which the state can not violates. Right to speech and expression, protection against exploitation, personal liberty, right to equality, social and economic justice etc. Our advocate will provide you appropriate advice in constitutional cases. 

Finance company demanding money from me after death of my husband 

Question: My husband bought some money for finance on weekly payment. I don't know how much. He told me on Sunday I will return totally. Now my husband has passed away, the finance person is calling me and asking for money. God promised I didn't have anything in my...

What to do when summons returned due to insufficient address? 

Question: What to do when summons are returned due to insufficient address? If the respondent returned a summons as insufficient address. What’ll happen now? What is the procedure for the next proceedings? The matter is related to limitation period in respect of...

Can mental illness put a bar on holding sensitive posts?

Question: Can a patient of mental illness who is on regular medication become a member and chairman of child welfare, women welfare, juvenile justice board and handle such sensitive matters? Can mental illness put a bar on holding sensitive posts?  Asked from:...

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