Consult a lawyer in civil cases

You may consult a lawyer in civil cases like civil suit, recovery of money suit, declaratory suit, temporary or permanent injunction, various legal deeds such as will deed, gift deed, waqf deed, sale deed etc. Civil law is the most important branch of law which directly connected with the civil right of a person. 

Temporary injunction

Order 39 Rule 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) lays out the rules for granting temporary injunctions. It states that a court may grant a temporary injunction in order to prevent the defendant from committing an act that would cause irreparable injury to the...

What is evidentiary value of an unregistered agreement in India

Question: What is evidentiary value of an unregistered agreement in India? My friend told me to purchase his land because he needs some money for the treatment of his wife. I was ready to purchase his land but not able to pay entire amount. Hence, we prepared an...

Can I extend the sale agreement?

Question: I had agreement to sale which is not registered. It is mentioned on that I need to register sale deed on particular date but due to some problem I am not able to vacant house and asking to extend sale agreement. Is it possible to do so? Asked from:...

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