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Can I rejoin Axis bank after the termination?

Question: Sir, please help me. I had joined Axis Bank in May 2018 but fell sick. I had informed my supervisors about it, but they terminated me. Can I join Axis Bank again?


In general, an employee who has been terminated by a bank can potentially rejoin the same bank, but it would depend on the specific circumstances of their termination and the bank’s policies.

If the termination was due to a violation of the bank’s policies or code of conduct, it may be more difficult for the employee to be rehired. However, if the termination was due to reasons beyond the employee’s control, such as illness or redundancy, there may be a greater chance of being rehired.

Additionally, banks often have specific policies in place regarding the rehiring of former employees, and these policies may differ depending on the bank and the circumstances of the termination. Therefore, it would be best for the employee to check with the bank’s HR department regarding their specific situation and the bank’s policies on rehiring former employees.

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow